Long Beach’s colorful pride lifeguard tower burned down to the sand


The Long Beach Fire Department responded to a fire at the city’s colorful Pride Lifeguard Tower early Tuesday and found it fully engulfed in flames, officials reported.

The Pride Lifeguard Tower, which sat on the sand between 12th and 13th places, went in flames sometimes before midnight on Monday, officials said. The rainbow tower was painted by LGBTQ+ members of the Fire Department’s marine safety division in June 2020. In a statement posted on Twitter, the Fire Department said the rainbow tower symbolized “our strong support for the diversity within our ranks & community.”

Pictures shared to the Long Beach Fire Department’s Twitter showed the once red, orange, yellow, green and blue tower reduced to a burned frame and a pile of ashes strewn across the sand.

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia said the city’s Pride Lifeguard Tower will be rebuilt “better and brighter.”

“I personally have little doubt this was an act of hate,” he said in a tweet.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.



4 thoughts on “Long Beach’s colorful pride lifeguard tower burned down to the sand

  1. Does this mean there are Fa…Oops…I mean Rainbow LGBTQ+ people in San Diego who are naturally attracted to becoming Lifeguards? I feel safer already.

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