Long-Range Shooting Tutorial Video Series

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I wanted to bring your attention, and hopefully that of your readers, a video series about extreme long range shooting. In total, there are 85 well laid out videos (about 25 hours of total instruction) that explains in easily understood and great detail what it takes to make first shot hits at extreme ranges, and shows why details found in military training manuals are wrong. He explains what works and what does not work and why.

As a long range, non-square range, competitive shooter, I tended to run in the middle of the pack. I have been slowly applying the principles and small equipment changes detailed in the series and I have increased my long range first hit accuracy by more than double, and I am not yet half way though the application of everything detailed in the series. Armed with much of this new knowledge, I am far less fearful of taking shots beyond my normal maximum of 1000 yards.  

The best part about this series is that it will give anyone who might consider shooting beyond 500 meters a new found appreciation and understanding of the ease in making first round hits by simply applying the knowledge provided for free in this series, and without specialized equipment.

As with anything, the devil is in the details, and that is what you get here.


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