24 thoughts on “Lots of Good Memories

  1. Nice post, Paul. 😉

    I seem to recall a one-liner about the past. You know you’re old when you see an item in an antique store, and say: “I remember that”, or “My baby brother had one of those”.

    Thanks for the memories.

  2. yea Paul, Now I am feelin old again buddy. Yea I remember all of that stuff.
    Oh well, guess I still have my memory 😆 eh Paul, damn 😉

    1. Awe man Henry, what is really scarry is when ya gotta re-dig that old filled up biffy – Ya know, that out house ya know 😆

      1. The one I remember had a swing out door in the back at ground level, that was always open, and the chickens would go back there and eat to there hearts content. Man those eggs were good . mmmmmmmmmmmm!!

    2. HAhahahhahaha,,,……

      “Got to that shit house and I almost broke down and cried”


      JD – Just ribbing my friend and mentor,… stinky Henry!

      1. OMG 😆

        I have remnants of the ol’ poo house on my property. The only thing missing are the walls, ceiling and toilet seat. Wouldn’t take much to rebuild, when (pun intended), TSHTF. 😆

  3. I have a pair of bronzed shoes just like those. The only thing different is mine have a really cool picture of me as a baby attached to the back.

  4. ‘smith brothers black cough drops 10cents”
    after that we have two choices….
    Thats old or
    its been real and it doesn’t matter…time to say,
    I’m going for 100
    who s to say one is not????
    No body cause they won’t be here…..:) to say

    1. well in actually I wonder if any commentators actually lived that..i did..from 1946 to 1955 later…we had no electricity, no running water in the house only an out house….and drew water for living from a local hand pumped water well..and, i am not far off in saying all was OK…with our family…on the farm…finally the REA came and the place achieved electricity……not the water to the house and no indoor….who cared!!!!

  5. Can any of yawl find Kookla, Fran & Ollie? Great post, I can honestly say I remember all……..

    Don’t forget to crusade for our Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

    1. in 1948 i was 4 years old. that said i have no idea what i was doing. I do remember my mom telling me that when she couldn’t find me, all she had to do was to follow my clothes as i took them off. haha.

      1. ok…..don’t recall family life….in 48-50
        I do…my dad put my on the back of a horse, he knew what he was doing, I gathered the leather to hang on and then in first grade rode off to a one room country school for five years…thats what I did…mostly rode alone on a horse…does that make me a hero? Course not..neither will i say I lived otherwise cause i did not…
        McCone County Montana Prairy Elk School….

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