Lt. Col. Oliver North to become NRA president, organization says

Fox News

Lt. Col. Oliver North is set to become the president of the National Rifle Association of America, a process the NRA Board of Directors initiated Monday, the group announced.

North will be retiring from his role at Fox News effective immediately. He will be taking over the position occupied by Pete Brownell, who did not seek a second term as NRA president.  

The NRA said it has started the process to name Lt. Col. Oliver North as its next president.“I am honored to have been selected by the NRA Board to soon serve as this great organization’s President,” North said in a news release.  “I appreciate the board initiating a process that affords me a few weeks to set my affairs in order, and I am eager to hit the ground running as the new NRA President.”

NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre called North a “legendary warrior for American freedom, a gifted communicator and skilled leader.” LaPierre called the North announcement “the most exciting news for our members since Charlton Heston became President of our Association.”

North served 22 years as a Marine and was part of the National Security Council staff during the Reagan administration. He hosted a documentary series titled “War Stories with Oliver North” and was a contributor on Fox News.

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch congratulated North on his new position.

“Thrilled about the Oliver North news. A total warrior for freedom, this is the last person that anti-gun advocates would want as the new President of the NRA board,” she tweeted.

16 thoughts on “Lt. Col. Oliver North to become NRA president, organization says

  1. um; Oliver North supported the so-called assault weapons ban. I used to listen to his radio show when he had one and he often said if you want a carry an assault weapon you should join the military.

    1. Sounds like he’d be the perfect traitor for the job then, besides who needs this or any other collective to represent us? Our Bill of Rights does it just fine and no monthly dues to pay either.

  2. Oliver North is a dirty officer.
    Innocent lives lost ,drug running delivered to hometown USA .
    No thanks ..and the N.R.A. Could do better say

  3. Let’s see..

    NRA new slogan. Ollie North. ..

    Protect America. ..

    By Giving Up Rifles For Cocaine.

    Heck they might as well have Andy Dick for the NRA spokesman.

    NRA new slogan. ..

    “Dicks For Gunz”.

  4. Olley “The Fixer” North and the Iran- Contra deal just keep poppin up in my head. We all know how well that worked and all those afternoon news shows/bulletins dealing the congressional hearings. The good old days when guns and cocaine and rebels were all spoken in the same breath with each other, the good old days. Archie Bunker would be my first choice for NRA Prez.

  5. I have had to set back and shake my head most of the day at the utter stupidity of naming Oliver North to head the NRA.

    This is just what i can remember reading about Oliver North; Oliver is deep states, deep state. He ran the Iran-Contra operation, was part of Mena Arkansas. Ran drugs into South Central LA. If even a part of this is true This guys hands are so dirty they can never be cleaned.

    Plus he used to support the AWB.

    Mean-while it looks like our friends in the Middle East are about to start a major war. Israel has about every plane they got either in the air or ready to take-off. Its so bad Trump and Pence have cancelled their trips to Israel for tomorrow.

  6. this really is a wtf? moment.

    of course, half the population don’t even know who he is or what he has done, except for being a talking head.

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