7 thoughts on “Lucifer is the Ahriman who revived the evil spirits known as the “New Age Jews”

    1. Gold, silver and all precious resources of the land and the mind of man, given over to the parasitic, self-serving, Luciferian of an unbelievably evil, alien nature, for worthless paper pieces! 231 years ago, Dec. 15, 1791, the remedy against all of this was made available. When the People rise again, over 2 centuries of pure American spirit will come pouring out and the extermination process will begin. Otherwise, we say good-bye to freedom forever. ­čÖü

    1. The audio on the video link that Hal posted was difficult to hear at times, so I searched for the interview translated into a readable form.

      1. Thank you, Katie
        Anymore the internet here is barely worth having so I grab what I can.
        As far as the kikes…
        They need to be building on that space fleet, to get to the mother ship.
        It’s booted off the planet this time, mofo’s!

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