Man kills four neighbors, two dogs, and himself over loud barking

Murder-suicide, dogs killedKRMG – by Rick Couri

Neighbors say Michael Guzzo never showed any signs of being a violent man.

But that changed quickly when he took a pump shotgun and murdered four of his neighbors and two of their dogs before killing himself.

Police think the entire incident happened because Guzzo was mad about the dogs barking.  

“You think you know you’re neighbors and then something like this happens” Nadia Weitzel told 12 News in Phoenix.

Neighbors say Guzzo had complained and even left notes about the dogs barking but no one expected this.

Cops in Phoenix admit there was “some indication that perhaps that was a problem.”

Dead are 66 year old Bruce Moore along with his daughter, Renee and her husband Michael. Also killed was 17 year old Shannon Moore.

Cops say after the shootings Guzzo fired the shotgun toward another apartment and then went into his townhouse where he put the gun to his own chest.

Weitzel heard the shots and later figured realized the significance. “That last gunshot was the guy killing himself” she said softly.

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6 thoughts on “Man kills four neighbors, two dogs, and himself over loud barking

  1. Yes, people are getting short tempered. This guy may have over reacted but sometimes this is what happens when someone gets pushed over the edge.

  2. People with barking dogs tune them out – like their screaming kids. They simply ignore it, but they have NO IDEA the long-term, physiological effects of noise like this, on others, and the sleep-deprivation that accompanies this.

    Why do you think noise and sleep-deprivation are used as torture to break prisoners?

    I had 3 huge dogs ‘move in’ next door. The wife’s surrogate children (the husband stayed behind for a year to finish a job), her dogs, could do no wrong, and they thought my DOCUMENTED/RECORDED evidence of 24/7 barking was “being grumpy”.

    The ‘dogshit run’ was 4′ FROM MY SIDE WINDOWS, where the sea breeze comes in, and my house often stank of dog shit. Couldn’t open my door; Flies would enter in seconds, and we all know what party they’d been to. Ugh.

    The City protects dog owners, and will basically do nothing.

    Trust me; I really nearly lost my mind, until all the dogs finally passed from age (maybe there is a god?). You have no idea how detrimental 3 and 5 and 7 times interrupted sleep, and hearing it every 20 minutes ALL DAY LONG, 7 days a week, can be. This went on for years.

    I feel for everyone involved here, BUT I CAN UNDERSTAND IT. You are, literally, pushed over the edge. To this day, I am SO hyper-sensitive to barking dogs that it is like nails on a blackboard. It PHYSICALLY hurts in my neck, jaw, and spine, when I hear it really loud.

    It doesn’t go away.

    1. I know exactly what you are saying Occams. I cannot stand a dog that is consistenly barking either. Those dog owners probobly never should have ever owned dogs if they were constantly barking like they were or maybe they should have chosen a different dog breed. Sounds like those dogs were neglected or something to be constantly barking like that to have come to what happened.

  3. 1khz tone at 100+db keyed to turn on every time a dog barkes or at 80db when a baby cries will stop them. it stopes when they stop. they will start again but it just turns back on. It works and most adults dont even notice the short blast of the tone. I works like when you go to speak and someone else starts to talk. your brain goes into a pause/ mode and the subject tends to forget ‘why’ it was making noise. Yes it is rude to do it to a baby but it works best on them and when you got a 10-14hr flight to asia or a 16-19hr flight to europe its a priceless game to pass the time.

  4. Had a neighbor that had a constantly barking dog. He and his wife both worked, so the bast@rd had free reign during the day. I would throw firecrackers over the wall to shut him up.

    Then the wifey got pregnant, and I figured once she was home with the baby, the incessant barking would cease. No such luck. It was as if she just tuned it out completely.

    My solution? I stuck my brother’s speakers in the window, and cranked up the AC/DC, or Scorpions, or something equally raucous (Oingo Boingo was a favorite at the time), to near full blast. If her damn dog didn’t wake up the baby, I’d make damn sure my music would.

    She got the not-so-subtle hint.

    I finally got some peace and quiet.

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