Man sues McDonald’s for $1.5 million over napkin incident

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CALIFORNIA – Multiple media outlets are reporting that a California man is suing McDonald’s for more than a million dollars… because he only received one napkin with his meal.

He says the incident happened last month, when he ordered a Quarter Pounder.

He immediately noticed only one napkin came with his burger.  

He claims he emailed the general manager of the restaurant to complain. According to reports, McDonald’s offered him some free food in an effort to make him happy.

That gesture did not satisfy him.

Instead, the man says he is now unable to work, because of the “Undue mental anguish” he suffered as a result of the “napkin” incident.

This week, he filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s for $1.5 million dollars.

8 thoughts on “Man sues McDonald’s for $1.5 million over napkin incident

  1. this fool should be taken out and shot. If he can’t handle “life” because McDonalds gives him only one napkin just imagine what this fool is like when he runs out of toilet paper while on the pot. One would hope that if he flushes that he fall in and go down the drain with the rest of the turds.Filth like this need to be scoured from our country. They are called “Sewers” because it is all they do at great expense to everyone else. It’s “BUY MORE AMMO DAY”. Liberty 1775

    1. He would be a perfect match for the idiot that spilled coffee on her crotch and sued. Personal responsibility and common sense are severely lacking, if not non-existent, in so many people today. “Undue mental anguish”?!? Seriously?!? This guy needs to be bleached from the gene pool.

    2. That is right too Mark. Our country seems to be made up of more and more sue happy people ever day. Most of them sue happy pukes are out for a quick and easy fast buck – not all but I could probobly bet that most are.

    1. Dang, you’re good! From another article:

      “He claims that when he asked for more (napkins), a manager said no, insisting that he’d already gotten some.

      According to his lawsuit, the man replied: “I should have went to eat at the Jack-in-the-Box because I didn’t come here to argue over napkins. I came here to eat.”

      The customer — who is African American — claims that things took a racist turn at that point, saying that the manager replied something about “you people.”

    2. agree w/you and the others: here’s some practical solutions for those who eat out or want to clean your hands after leaving a Wal Mart, etc.. For one thing, I don’t eat at McD’s and a few other junk food/fake food joints. I keep paper towels in the car, germ wipes for grocery carts, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, Purell hand gel, & wouldn’t be with out these items. Some places are stingy on napkins, so take a sheet of towel with you esp in BBQ places then go wash your hands later.

  2. “Instead, the man says he is now unable to work, because of the “Undue mental anguish” he suffered as a result of the “napkin” incident.”

    Open & shut case for the defense.

    One has to actually have a brain to begin with to be able to prove ‘mental anguish’.

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