4 thoughts on “Man tracks down the doctor that gave one of his family members the covid vaccine and they died after taking it…

    1. Yep, this is what happens you let emotions dictate your spur-of-the-moment (re)actions. Tyrants love this kind of behavior & love to make examples of people like this. What they don’t like is grey men who are calm & collected, choose their time well, strike anonymously with a well-planned decisive action & disappear back into the grey…

  1. its coming you fcking slime .. marked people for playing along with the NWO’s genocide plans , and pushing the agenda

    there has to be wiplash affect ..the pendulum got pushed way too far in the opposite direction , when you play the pawns of tyranny , sometimes you get smacked in the face

  2. I know some will say he didn’t do it just right or he didn’t go far enough. Could be he didn’t know someone would film him. I’m sure he was in emotional distress from losing his loved-one to the poisoning. But maybe things like this are going to escalate. I mean what if stuff like this started happening all over the place? Mass disruption of the lives of those who think they’re going to skate unscathed through the madness they helped to create? What if?


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