Man Who Researched Killing Joe Biden Arrested After Cops Find Van Full Of Guns, Ammo, And Explosives

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

A 19-year-old man was arrested in North Carolina after local police found guns, ammo, and explosives inside an abandoned van. Court documents, seen by local television network Fox8, allege the man had intentions to carry out acts of terrorism, including a possible plan to assassinate Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to federal court documents, the man, Alexander Hillel Treisman, was arrested at the end of May when Kannapolis Police Department (KPD) found an abandoned van stashed with an AR-15 style rifle, a handgun, ammunition, explosives, night vision goggles, and rifle parts at a Fifth Third Bank’s parking lot in Kannapolis, North Carolina. 

“Through the windows, KPD officers observed an AR-15 style rifle, a box for a Taurus .380 handgun, a canister of the explosive material Tannerite, and a box of 5.56 caliber ammunition,” court documents said.

Federal agents said Treisman had posted a meme on social media, asking, “should I kill joe biden?”

Between March and May, the man searched “information about Joe Biden’s home address, state gun laws, rifle parts, and night vision goggles,” according to court documents. The man even traveled near Joe Biden’s home and had a checklist with the note ending with “execute.”

Besides the weapons and ammo, investigators found $509,000 in cash (believed to be Treisman’s inheritance, there were also survival, bomb-making, weapon, and Islam books, along with drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings.

Before his arrest, Treisman was facing child pornography charges. At the moment, he only faces child pornography charges, but a federal magistrate judge outlined he should remain in custody because of his plans to carry out possible acts of terrorism.

Local television station WBTV, citing court documents, outlines some of Treisman’s plans and ideas for possible terrorist acts, including the following:

  • A note created on October 15, 2019, found in Defendant’s Samsung S9 cell phone describing a plan to perform a mass shooting at a mall food court on Christmas or Black Friday;
  • Still images from video footage of the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shooting that Defendant downloaded on March 21, 2020 and related internet searches;
  • A screenshot of the February 18, 2020 Reddit post by username AlextheBodacious referencing pedophilia and executing those he hates;
  • An internet post made by Defendant on February 22, 2020 referencing raping children and posting child porn;
  • An audio recording made on or about April 3, 2020 of Defendant narrating “the perfect porn video,” which describes Defendant killing two parents with a shotgun and then raping and impregnating their young daughter;
  • An April 8, 2020 internet post by AlextheBodacious stating that he was “going to do a columbine for a while, [but] I think it would better to put it towards something more memorable”;
  • An iFunny meme posted by Defendant on April 15, 2020 with the caption “should I kill joe biden?”;
  • A timeline of internet searches conducted by Defendant between March and May 2020 seeking information about Joe Biden’s home address, state gun laws, rifle parts, and night vision goggles, along with actions taken by Defendant, including posting the above mentioned meme about killing Joe Biden, purchasing an AR-15 in New Hampshire, traveling to a Wendy’s within 4 miles of Joe Biden’s home, and writing a checklist note ending with “execute”;
  • An April 20, 2020 video taken by Defendant’s cell phone while driving by Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas with audio of a male voice saying “There it is. That’s it. That’s the one, that’s where they did it. Allah Akbar! Ah hah, nice.”;
  • A video created on April 23, 2020 with Defendant’s cell phone at O’Hare International Airport with audio of a male voice suggesting that it would be “awesome” to hijack a plane and fly it into a building;
  • Images taken on or around April 26, 2020 at Range 56 shooting range at the Fort Bragg training area in North Carolina;
  • A description of and images from an electronic document entitled “A Guide to Mass Shooting” found on one of Defendant’s hard drives;
  • Drawings found in Defendant’s jail cell in August 2020 showing a stick figure labeled “me” beating a stick figure labeled “whoever the f*** calls the cops on a parked car” with a bat;
  • A handwritten “Autobiography” found in Defendant’s jail cell referencing mass shootings;
  • An image found on one of Defendant’s hard drives of a Polish passport that had been edited to bear Defendant’s face instead of the face of the original holder;
  • Images of Defendant’s current passport and a notation inside indicating that it is a replacement for a lost passport;
  • Audio from a May 29, 2020 jail call between Defendant and his mother,Kimberly Treisman, in which she suggests that Defendant should “jump bail”

5 thoughts on “Man Who Researched Killing Joe Biden Arrested After Cops Find Van Full Of Guns, Ammo, And Explosives

  1. Somehow FBI is ringing in my ears. Every time some spectacular last minute discovery of a crime or red flag event is uncovered the douchebags of the FBI save the day from themselves. Keep watching this event as it unravels in the future.

  2. Screams of set up

    Nobody wants to kill ol Joe
    He’s doing a fine job of that all on his own


    1. i don’t think even a 19yo is dumb enough to google.. “how to kill joe biden”.. that ranks right up there with “how to make pipe bombs and chld prn”.. it’s not a set up. as Henry says.. it’s just fukin goofy!

  3. This reminds me of underwear bomber.
    That was too stupid to be real and sure enough it was just fbi theatrics.

    Kill Biden?, Why bother? He’s got one foot in the grave anyway.
    I mean if biden gets elected it’ll besically be a ‘weekend at bernies’ with the ‘jew’ puppet-masters making joe look awake.


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