Mandatory Ebola vaccines on the horizon

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“Bottom line? The battle lines are drawn. Do not accept an “Ebola” vaccine, and additionally, do not let them take you to a prison camp to vanish quietly into the sands of time, USE YOUR GUNS, this time it is real folks, and there will be only one way to win.”

The National Institute of Health has declared that rushed “Ebola” vaccines may need to be given to everyone.  

Obviously this has been the plan all along, and the vaccine will NOT be for “Ebola”, because there is not even a real outbreak, only really bad actors and a scamming zio press. If you ignore the glaring headlines and instead look at the hard evidence, it will quickly reveal that this “Ebola” outbreak is nothing but the Sandy Hook of all outbreaks, a complete fabrication with scam news reports so bad that even CNN, the mother of all hoax news agenciescannot keep them posted and maintain a reputation with their audience, which on average has the strongest following with the worst of idiots.

If “Ebola” vaccines become mandatory, we will see a great washing out of the public on a magnitude as great as the Civil War. There will no doubt be a higher percentage of the public involved in the war this time around, because more people are aware of the fact the government is the enemy this time around and that the government actually WILL try a scam vaccination campaign against a “pandemic” that is in fact a drive to get everyone secretly chipped via a shot.

Additionally, that same shot is very likely to be formulated to both cull the herd and have those who remain afterward have their personalities modified by genetically modified brain eating bacteriophages that attack the emotional centers and therefore eliminate the ability to resist tyranny, with the end product being a population that is pacified and compliant with a tyrannical New World Order.

I am not making this up folks, I was first warned about modified bacteriophages by friends in the medical community who said they have personally witnessed the modified bacteriophage technology, that it is really advanced already and that it causes permanent destruction to both the recipient of the shot and subsequent generations of children – a permanent wipe out of who you are that will be passed down through the generations. And that was five years ago, in 2009. The passing along of the pacified traits to subsequent generations is accomplished via DNA insertion performed by lytic bacteriophages, which can insert new DNA into host cells, including in the testicles and ovaries, without killing the host cells. Once this happens, all subsequent generations carry the traits contained in the genetic code the bacteriophages inserted.

For the kill factor, rapidly multiplying lysogenic phages will be used instead. Modified bacteriophage viruses were chosen because they are highly selective with what they will attack, so a precision application can be accomplished.

This web site was the first one to report the New World Order effort to permanently modify the public with a scam vaccine campaign during the first “swine flu” outbreak that proved to be entirely fake. The linked article went absolutely viral, got translated into all major languages and triggered policy changes in several nations. Significantly later, Alex Jones got onto the topic and completely confirmed that Brain eating vaccines had been developed and WILL be pushed on the public. Alex was slightly sabotaged by his staff in this video, most notably with the Bill Gates clip, but the heart of this report is BANG ON. if you have a hard time believing what I am saying about modified bacteriophage viruses being used to wipe people’s emotions out, Alex did a good job with this video, WATCH IT, this is absolutely real.

Alex Video: Brain eating vaccines: NANOTECH INJECTION LOBOTOMY

Bottom line? The battle lines are drawn. Do not accept an “Ebola” vaccine, and additionally, do not let them take you to a prison camp to vanish quietly into the sands of time, USE YOUR GUNS, this time it is real folks, and there will be only one way to win.


This has been irrevocably proven by Eric Duncan’s Linked In, and no matter what the Sandy Hook media says to spin the tale, Eric was a high level U.S. government employee in a top management position with a mid six figure salary. Eric was tasked to front the fraud three days after the Peace Corps returned home, PERFECT TIMING FOR THAT. Eric is no doubt alive and well, with the best possible evidence being his Linkdin, which once again confirms the entire media charade is as fake as the acting by the kid at minute 1 in THIS CNN VIDEO that CNN deleted because everyone knew it was fake.

Colloidal VS Ionic silver:

It does not matter. Any form of silver in suspension will work. Back in the 1800’s many homes had their water in a barrel out front. To keep it sterile and safe to drink, all people did was drop a few silver coins in. As the coins degraded in the bottom of the barrel, they released enough silver into the water to keep it safe. If that works, ANYTHING WILL, the key is to have silver in suspension in any form and that is all that matters. America never had water borne disease issues, and there is no doubt the silver coin trick in the past played a large role in this outcome.

Obviously for medical purposes, you want to drive a LOT of silver into the water that will become your sterilizing agent, and you want to do it quickly. That is where a battery and production of “colloidal” silver becomes relevant.


One thought on “Mandatory Ebola vaccines on the horizon

  1. Yup, the nonsense from our Gov’t and the media just nevers stops–it just keeps on coming! But worse is that if you are paying attention, you think the media and gov’t are part of a bad movie whose plot was taken from the worse of the Tabloids (“This just in, ALL missing socks have been found on Mars… seriously!”)

    If I weren’t a runner, I’d be schizophrenic, do doubt!

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