How Many Americans Paid the Obamacare Tax Penalty in 2016

The Daily Signal – by Phil Galewitz

About 6.5 million Americans paid an average penalty of $470 for not having health insurance in 2015—20 percent fewer than the year before, according to data released Tuesday by the IRS.

The IRS collected $3 billion, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said in a letter to members of Congress.  

The individual mandate is the most unpopular part of Obamacare, surveys show, and both Republican congressional leaders and the incoming Trump administration have pledged to repeal it.

If they don’t, the 2017 penalty for adults will be the same as in 2016 — $695 or 2.5 percent of household income, whichever is higher. In 2015, the penalty was $325 or 2.5 percent of income.

About 85 percent of 2015 tax returns processed so far indicated taxpayers had qualifying health coverage all year, up from 81 percent for 2014, which the IRS reported last January.

Almost 13 million taxpayers claimed one or more health care coverage exemptions.

About three-quarters of the taxpayers who reported owing the tax payment also said they were due a refund, the IRS said.

The agency cautioned that some data from 2015 is still being reviewed and its findings disclosed Tuesday were preliminary.

The Daily Signal

9 thoughts on “How Many Americans Paid the Obamacare Tax Penalty in 2016

  1. “Almost 13 million taxpayers claimed one or more health care coverage exemptions.”

    Also, I’d venture to guess that this number represents many of those that have educated themselves about what the income tax is and who is liable for paying it.

  2. Zero Americans paid! You mean U.S. citizens. As was said to a judge about me by a D.O.R. agent, “your honor we have no record of him”. Why would an American be a citizen? Why would an American allow himself to be dictated to about his most valuable property, himself? PLEASE learn the difference between what it means to be an American instead of a U.S. citizen. Unless the conflation of the two very disparate entities is purposeful.

  3. Only one reason (American, US CITIZEN, whatever) anyone pays this ridiculous “penalty”–they are too damned afraid of the IRS (the ol’ “you don’t mess with the IRS” crap!) to either (as Lost Horizons indicates) defend the fact that they are not UNITED STATES CITIZENS, or, if they “are”, are too damned afraid to take one of several exemptions, such as do the math (and, as well know, too damned many Americans/USCits can not do the math!) and figure you earn less than 8.05 percent annual income compared to monthly Obamacare costs, and thus do not have to pay for the Obamanation, become a member of a Christian Healthshare Ministry (which unfortunately, is 501-c3) and not pay for abortions, sex changes, etc to offend God, be a conscientious objector of sorts (but risk losing Social Security, which may not be available when you turn 65 anyway!), and about 8 other exemptions which are listed in the Publication 15 manual…

    1. Concerning the social security, when one files properly all ss and medicare is returned. So stash it away every yr. in something that will retain value. Young people especially, learn the fascinating truth about taxation in America, and save up for your later yrs..

    2. Words are important. “Whatever” is problematic and self-defeating. No American has paid because no American has been asked. U.S. citizens are commanded to, within the written law if they are aware of it, of course.

      Otherwise whatever flows from the mouths of whoever is on tv is law.

      My mention of what a judge was told about me was meant to show a marked difference between the two. U.S. citizens have more Liberty than they will probably ever know because they do not want to know. Americans are Americans because we do want to know. And be left the f&^k alone.

      1. “No American has paid because no American has been asked. U.S. citizens are commanded to, within the written law if they are aware of it, of course.”

        These statements appear vague on the surface in light of my knowledge of the income tax. Clarification would be appreciated if you’re so inclined. Thanks.

        1. Hi Katie.
          i hope this helps explain my interpretation of the world i find myself suffering. Yeah, i got carried away a bit.

          The issue is status. Fact vs fiction. Real or imagined. For instance does one IN FACT owe a percentage of their income based on “all that comes in”? IF one believes this is ones duty? Based on no more than a belief that “everyone knows” this or that one will “get into trouble” if one does not submit to unprovable belief=fear?

          If one does not believe this does one owe an income tax based on “taxable income” according to title 26 and the parsing done by Pete Hendrickson because it is “The Law”?

          Is title 26 or any other title “Law” in fact or something else? Rulebooks for the U.S. citizenry? Codes of behavior for wards of the State? The Bible for those that shoehorn themselves into 14th amendment created person status?

          Is there more than one avenue of “Law”? Admiralty, common, statute? Is the U.S. a fiction OF “Law”? Or a fiction of a different category other than “Law”? Can a fiction rule over that which is real? Does “Law” deal with fiction or facts? If a thing deals with facts where do fictions fit in?

          Are their categories a man or woman can be shoehorned into believing ARE them, so becoming that in fact? In fact other than what WE ALL IN REALITY ARE? What are you? Can you be more than a man or woman, in reality? Are ALL other claims of status, of what one IS, in reality beliefs based on consensus realities?

          Are consensus realities oxymoron’s? Sort of like sovereign citizens? Does adherence to same show incapacity, retardation, insanity or simply arrested development?

          Are beliefs=fear that fictions are real and acting accordingly an indication of insanity? Of bringing childhood into adulthood? Perhaps of a mentality whose development was arrested in childhood? By design? What exactly does acting on belief that is well outside of provable reality indicate?

          If we agree to believe we are a pushmepullyou are we? Is a man a person according to Law? According to codes, statutes, rules, bylaws, public policy?

          Can a man be simply a man governed by an unwritten code of behavior known as morality and justice that lives only within each of us rather than as a citizen owing allegiance to socio and psychopaths? Have we or our ancestors EVER lived under a government that did not morph into psychopathy or be taken over by psychopaths?
          Can most now even SEE psychopathy?

          A man or woman IN FACT owes no allegiance save to what he creates and that which created him. My parents created me, no others had ANYTHING to do with this.

          It is not easy or safe to stand alone on ones own feet. Being part of a group offers a false sense of safety in the hope that YOU will not be picked out of the group by the predators or the farmers of the human herd and that the group will aid you if that happens. This is a herd mentality that no man or woman are part of but citizens or EC’s (eternal children) are.

          T.h.e.y. (t=the h=hebrews e=enslaving y=you) must con us into believing groups or teams of any and all persuasions are required for our health and happiness. Other wise we will naturally consolidate into the human family we are and see t.h.e.m. (t=the h=hebrews e=enslaving m=mankind) for what t.h.e.y. are, and again, for the 110th time, act accordingly. Because we refuse to step beyond judaic vengeance and retaliation. Into Love, Into God itself.

          T.h.e.y. have inculcated into us that competition is healthy even required so being part of a strong team is paramount. The opposite is true. All groups are teams. Teams must fight other teams or they would not be teams. Teams do not cooperate with each other. They compete or they would all be the same team.

          Do you believe you are not in competition with the team called government? Are you part of this team? Does this team have your best interests as their goal? Does this team claim you as a member? Do you behave as one?

          Competition is war-lite. Teams gird us in all our capacities to compete. As long as we compete we elevate the jew which is the embodiment or incarnation of corporatism, bolshevism, judaism, capitalism above us and allow it (judaic tenets for goyim) to rule us.

          Why? Because t.h.e.y. do not compete. T.h.e.y. cooperate which is why t.h.e.y. rule us and why very few can see how or why.

          All believe the mechanism t.h.e.y. use to keep us in competition (arrested development) and eliminate any possibility of deep cooperation is wealth itself. Is God itself. Is safety and solace itself. Why do you think it is so important to t.h.e.m. to gain and keep control of currencies? If not to literally replace God=Love in our hearts and minds with what can be described once comprehension is achieved only as evils very lifeblood? If you do not see monies as this you are not seeing money but your own illusion and voluntary compartmentalization of it.

          We are a family that see the other members of our family as competitors not brothers and sisters. We have adopted goyimhood willingly. As long as we seek safety and limited liability rather than justice and morality and accept 100% personal responsibility we elevate evil incarnate to God status. Weather we believe this or not.

          We will seek to accrue what we have allowed judaisms adherents to replace God (Love) with, money. We will obey the tenets of what we have allowed t.h.e.m. to replace family membership with (capitalism, communism, democracy, oligarchy, hegemony, federalism, stateism, feudalism). We will interact with what we have allowed t.h.e.m. to replace cooperation with, competition.

          Seek justice. Seek to keep your wealth from evil. Government IS evil incarnate. It is judaic. Be a man or a woman ONLY. Think as a man or woman ONLY. See teams for what they are and abandon all but who YOU the man or woman are responsible for.

          None of us are “innocent civilians”

          though the illusion and compartmentalization that is team membership (citizenship) offers this insanity as real and moral if one only believes and leaves reality behind choosing to see only as far as ones horizon or immediate surroundings.

          No man or woman sees him or herself as innocent of “consequential damages” caused by what he or she has given to others. This is citizenship in its most blatant evil beliefs! Limited liability is evils triumph.

          The choice of men and women includes weather to give of their wealth depending solely on what that gift will be used for. Nowhere in the hearts and minds of men and women does the illusion exist that a mans or womans wealth is owed to anyone but what he or she has created or that created him so are responsible for.

          Did we create the U.S. government? If i was responsible for creating the U.S. government i would be a capitol criminal. If i contribute to it i am the same. We need to see ourselves AS ourselves not AS citizens owing fealty to evil.

          We have a real problem identifying evil because we all are part of it and want to ignore our voluntary participation in supporting the beast, the judaic. Money is the lifeblood of evil incarnate and can’t be anything but that. It is NOT neutral or inert. These are truisms no one wants to deal with, yet. Just as we are what we eat we also are what we feed and support. And what we choose to use AS feed.

          Love does not live where the jew is predominant. Love and judaism in any and all its incarnations are mutually exclusive which is why we see Love as a cute and unrealistic “feeling” and not our lives goal.

          We are insane and brutal, because we want to be. i want different. i LIVE different. Which is why i stand alone both ridiculed and envied.

          1. Joe, thank you for the response. It is lengthy and because so, it took time and thought to lay this out, which is no small matter. I read The Myth of the Innocent Civilian that you linked to. I’m familiar with the info. contained within the writing as well as the questions and considerations the author brought forth.
            The context of this discussion is the income tax, not any or all of the other taxes we are burdened with. After learning the truth about the income tax, what it is and who is liable to pay it, the only logical and self beneficial action was to self asses that no engagement in a taxable activity has been performed. My motivation is not based on noble purposes such as “not feeding the dog(govt.) by putting food (tax dollars) in it’s bowl,” or “providing the govt. the means to spend the dollars wastefully or dishonestly.” The reason is not even because we are a “free” people, or that I don’t want them “building armies from treasuries filled by the tax paid over by people, whether paid willingly, begrudgingly, ignorantly or fearfully, taxes are paid over by people who have chosen to do so.” The “chosen to do so” comment of the authors writing imo, is not accurate. Again, keep this in the context of the income tax only. Once the facts and truth are laid bare as Pete Hendrickson has provided in Cracking the Code, a man or woman then has the choice to decide if their activities are taxable, and if not, yet they continue to pay the tax, then they have, “chosen to do so.” Again, I have no noble purposes such as mentioned above, it is purely self beneficial interest, yet the above mentioned reasons get covered in my actions. “The fruit of a mans labor is his to keep.” This is as plain and simple as it gets, imo.
            ” Money is the lifeblood of evil incarnate and can’t be anything but that.” “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Can we say, if we in our personal lives love not money, we won’t be enslaved by it? I realize there is much more that could be considered from your comment as well as the article you linked to, and not addressing them does not diminish their importance.

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