March 2 2015, Jim Stone Freelance is already nailed by the FCC

Jim Stone Freelance

How do I know? It was obvious!

The nanosecond, AND I MEAN THE EXACT INSTANT the FCC was given control over the web to “regulate only how service providers throttle your bandwidth”, I could not get a secure connection to this web server. That has never happened before, and with this web site now being 8 years old, never seeing this cannot be attributed to a lack of experience. Now, when I log in, EVERY TIME it says “failed to establish secure connection” and after three or more crashed log in attempts, complete with matrix style gibberish on the screen crashed out to white, it allows an insecure connection (probably by riding me in on the desktop of a computer at the FCC) and I can at least get to this edit page. However, I cannot get anywhere else.  

If I want to get into E-mail, I have to hack my own server. That is easy because it is mine. But because of what the FCC put into place, there is no mail application that can access the mails and show them to me like normal. It all turns to the same white screen gibberish and crashes out, saying it is not secure. To read mail, I have to access the raw data from the back side. That is not very efficient.

A warning to all the truth sites out there, I believe I know why I noticed this:

I am running an old version of Linux Live that probably has not had all the new government bells and whistles added, and therefore it is not completely compatible with whatever hackware the FCC is running, so I am seeing glitches. If you are someone who bitches about windows security yet is still naive enough to run any Microsoft product while administering your truth site, you are probably newly hacked and cannot see it because your software was designed to be compatible with their hacks and never warn you of anything nefarious going on in the background. YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY HACKED whether or not you can see it, and God only knows why they are up your rear with a stethoscope.

Don’t count on Windows firewall, Norton or any other “security software” to warn you that you are not running securely, you can safely bet that your !!WINDOWS!! hack has been beta tested on 5,000 different workstations in an NSA hole somewhere and certified bug free so you never notice. Let this also be a warning: THEY HAVE DELAYED THE RELEASE OF THEIR NEW REGULATION UNTIL THEY CAN FIND A WAY TO WRITE IT WHICH DESTROYS ALL INFORMATION COMPETITION AND EITHER GETS IT LOCKED UP OR BLOWN OFFLINE FOR VIOLATION OF THIS LEGISLATION WE HAVE YET TO SEE, TAKE PRECAUTIONS, THERE WILL PROBABLY BE CLASSIFIED SECTIONS NEVER RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC.THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO SIT ON YOUR ASS WAITING FOR THE NEXT THING TO HAPPEN.

The problems, which showed up the instant the FCC took over speak volumes – with the main points being that this takeover was planned for a long time, the systems were already in place to hack people well in advance and they just gave the go to make it happen, and the legislation was known in advance to be approved, with the public announcement being nothing but a dog and pony show.

They are waiting to gauge public response before letting us see their regulations because they are not written yet, and they want to know how to best smash the people before releasing a custom version that will best accomplish that. HILLARY CLINTON HERSELF SAID THE WEB HAD TO BE DESTROYED BECAUSE IT MADE THEIR PSY OPS IMPOSSIBLE, and now that they got their death warrant they want to know if the “kikenet is leaking” and if anyone will talk about it the way I am here so they will know if everything they have planned for everyone will be a perfect enough ambush.

I strongly advise ALL web admins to take precautions, THERE IS NO CALM, ONLY STORM AND YOU DON’T KNOW THAT BECAUSE THE MEDIA BLACKOUT HAS YOUR HEAD STUFFED IN A CAVE AND YOUR OS IS SO PERFECTLY HACKED. They are probably gathering information during this “calm” so they can trump up ways to prosecute all dissent out of existence. TAKE PRECAUTIONS NOW, NOT LATER.


1. Immediately (and I mean the second) the FCC took over, it takes at least 3 attempts to get into this web site to administer it and my older and more secure version of Firefox that is embedded on my Linux Live CD and therefore unchangeable tells me the administrator log in to my web site is hacked and cannot be established securely, when over the past 8 years administrator log ins to this web site worked the FIRST TIME EVERY TIME and never had this glitch. This is TOTALLY new. Now, EVERY SINGLE TIME it takes 3 or more crashes to get in, all of them caused by a security violation WITH LINUX LIVE RUNNING ON AN OLD “LEGACY” AMD PROCESSOR. IMPOSSIBLE!, unless the hack is totally web based and between me and the server.

2. After getting into this web site to administer it, log ins to E-mail via the web site portal (which also need their own separate secure connection) say the exact same thing, that it is impossible to establish a secure connection, and the mail log ins crash permanently with no log in possible at all no matter how much I try.

3. If you are administering an alternative media web site while running Windows and not noticing anything, it is only because Windows has been designed to be hacked from the ground up. It was probably written by the NSA and Microsoft is a front company. This is definitely true to one degree or another if not entirely true. However, Linux is not as controlled, and due to the differences in hardware platforms and the fact that much of Linux is accomplished via reverse engineering to get hardware to work via second party drivers gives the NSA and other spooks a far more difficult problem to work with. Though they may have at least definitely ensured they will be able to hack any Linux distro, those hacks may not be perfectly smooth sailing on all hardware platforms. THAT is why I am seeing these problems, they did not work the bugs out of this particular distro well enough which allows me to see very noticeable cracks in the matrix.

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