4 thoughts on “Mass Tort Claim Against Governors and officials-legal action against tyranny

  1. ….and make sure you’re wearing at least Level III-A body armor when the policymen begin shooting for daring to touch a Ruler

  2. Should people in a community reach out to a constitutional lawyer to file a tort claim?

    Anyways. There is no lawyers or attorneys in the tort process. It’s receipts and proof of injury. No arguing. Only proof of claim or not.

    1. There is no such thing as a constitutional lawyer within the portfolio of the corporation. No constitutional court because there is no constitution. As soon as you file a tort claim, you have submitted yourself to subjugation as corporate property and joined with the unlawful administrative admiralty court.
      There will be no redress for our grievances until we reinstate our authority and enforce the law.

  3. I bet Rick Martin is registered with the b.a.r.. If he is a constitutional lawyer he would know there aren’t supposed to be any professional lawyers in our Republic. We must 1st restore our common law courts and then arrest, try and hang them but that won’t happen till after the bullets stop flying.
    Buy more food ammo guns tar feathers and rope 1775

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