Massive Gun Maker Refuses To Back Down, Hits AR Boycotters with Brutal News

Western Journal – by Cillian Zeal

If Dick’s Sporting Goods thought it could ban the AR-15 and similar weapons and just face boycotts from gun owners, they were wrong — especially after they started campaigning for gun control.

One of the largest gun manufacturers in America, Springfield Armory, has announced it will no longer do business with Dick’s in the wake of their February decision to stop selling certain rifles.  

The move came after it was reported that Dick’s was working with lobbyists to enact new gun restrictions on Capitol Hill.

“The company has retained Glover Park Group to lobby Congress on the matter, according to a disclosure form filed in late April,” Bloomberg reported Thursday.

“The move is unusual for a firm in the retail sector, where few brands tackle such a politically-charged issue for fear it will turn off customers.”

Forget customers, however — they might have a bigger problem on their hand with Springfield.

“Springfield Armory is severing ties with Dick’s Sporting Goods and its subsidiary, Field & Stream, in response to their hiring a group for anti-Second Amendment lobbying,” the company announced Thursday.

“This latest action follows Dick’s Sporting Goods’ decision to remove and destroy all modern sporting rifles (MSR) from their inventory. In addition, they have denied Second Amendment rights to Americans under the age of 21.”

The company went on to emphasize its belief that the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed under the Constitution, and applies to all adult Americans, provided they are not criminals.

“We at Springfield Armory believe that all law abiding American citizens of adult age are guaranteed this sacred right under our Constitution,” the statement continued.

“It is clear where Dick’s Sporting Goods and its subsidiary, Field & Stream, stand on the Second Amendment, and we want to be clear about our message in response,” Springfield said. “Their position runs counter to what we stand for as a company.

The armory concluded by noting that Americans’ constitutional rights exist because patriots and the Founding Fathers actually fought for them. As a result, it’s wrong to let those rights go to waste.

“At Springfield Armory, we believe in the rights and principles fought for and secured by American patriots and our founding forefathers, without question. We will not accept Dick’s Sporting Goods’ continued attempts to deny Second Amendment freedoms to our fellow Americans.”

If Dick’s is going to continue selling firearms at all, Springfield would be a major loss. Most of their products do not fit into the sporting rifle category; their pistols have become known for both their quality and ubiquity on the market.

Such weapons would likely not be covered under any gun control legislation passed in the near future, meaning that customers would go to other stores — and give them their business — if they want a Springfield.

Why Dick’s would lobby against the interests of their suppliers and their customers is anyone’s guess, but one could predict that Springfield isn’t the last company we’re going to see boycotting Dick’s.

Western Journal

10 thoughts on “Massive Gun Maker Refuses To Back Down, Hits AR Boycotters with Brutal News

  1. Springfield armory s statement is fishy as hell. What do you mean by I can have a gun as long as I ain’t a criminal?
    What will you be saying about my criminality when I have to use a Springfield rifle to reinstate your bill of Rights?

    1. Yeah, I must’ve missed that part in the Second Article of the Bill of Rights. Perhaps springfield would like to interpret the rest for US as well? It’ll probably be just as damning as their first interpretation. I don’t trust it either.

  2. “…..Most of their products do not fit into the sporting rifle category…..”

    I object to the creation of this new category, because all too often, language becomes law.

    We’re seeing a big push for disarmament coming from the corporations because we’re nearing the grand finale of this long struggle. Dick’s knows they’re going to be boycotted for this, but since they’re probably a Zionist-owned corporation, they have bigger concerns than a boycott.

    Our enemies are getting desperate because no one is giving up their guns voluntarily as they had hoped. They’re realizing that the only way they can achieve their “New World Order” is through a world war that ends with our destruction and invasion. What they’re trying to do now is disarm as many of us as possible before that happens, because even their invasion plans are tenuous, and they know it.

    They’ll try to create as many problems for us as they can. War with the wetbacks, racial strife, extreme poverty, and a pandemic. After Americans are worn down somewhat, you can expect the invasion. Get ready for hell, and get ready to give it back to them in spades.

    We will win this war, but they’re not going to make it easy for us.

  3. Lets not forget that Springfield armory is not a us gun manufacturer.
    They are made in croatia.

    1. XD series made in Croatia, the 1911 frames were made in Brazil years ago but not sure about now.

  4. Related, and not sure if true, but just came across this from Henry Makow:

    “You may be interested to know that March broke all records for gun sales in the USA. Incidentally, the AR15 is the most popular gun in American history, due to fine accuracy, ease of disassembly, universality of most parts…”


  5. “The company went on to emphasize its belief that the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed under the Constitution…”

    The inevitable PROPAGANDA twist added.

    “Why Dick’s would lobby against the interests of their suppliers and their customers is anyone’s guess,…”

    Doesn’t take much of one.

    We’ve obviously reached the point at which enacting gun control ‘policy’ has become more critical to them than acquiring mammon.

  6. on the bright side, look at the push back from the public. all the anti gun propaganda seems to be inciting some fierce rhetoric in response which i have not seen quite like this before.
    or the amount of guns being sold after every new “event”.
    something seems to be in the air…..

    1. Mention gun ban or any kind of restrictions, millions of guns get sold. Thank God for anti gun rhetoric.

      Build M4s.

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