7 thoughts on “McMillan CS5 .308 Suppressed Sniper System

  1. Nice. I bet it isn’t cheap. Can I purchase it or is it only for the cops and Army? I cant afford the .50, so I am interested in upgrading and getting a better .308.

    1. some years after getting out of Viet Nam….war…I bought off the news stand a copy of a monthly publication (fire arms magazine) which had an article in it, photos and all, describing how someone had taken a .50 Cal machine gun….I suppose as I sometimes took out of the arms room while on patrol in Vietnam,….and here are the results they got.
      As I recall the barrel was shortened some, it was reduced to a single shot capacity, the best high power scope was attached and a sandbag rest was used to aim it….and the shooter got so shots…going out 2 miles could be placed within a 4inch circle
      Now! Wouldn’t that be something!!!!

  2. Probably over 3 grand for the McMillan …Just get a .308 Remington 700 Tactical with 26″ Bull Barrel or Remington 700 VTR in .308 also.

    Its not the rifle or round that makes the sniper, its the shooter, so PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE….

  3. Confuscious,
    3 grand is a little to rich for my blood. I have a Mossberg now. It is a good rifle, but I want to get something a little more durable with better optics.
    I shoot when I can now. I have a little spot set up on some property that we have, but ammo is getting expensive. Most of the shooting that I do now is to fine tune things.

  4. People laugh at me when I tell them my Remington 30.6 with oil filter suppressor can accurately reach out 400 yds and touch the bulls eye.

  5. It says that the rifle is 308.
    It looks more like 223.
    The recoil looks more like a 223
    The barrel is way too short and as a sniper rifle
    the barrel should be twice as long.

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