MD Residents to Pay New “Rain Tax” For Rain That Falls on Their Property

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The Maryland government, under direct order of Obama and the EPA will now begin taxing the state’s 10 largest counties according to the rain that falls on their property and the “impervious surfaces” on their land.

Yesterday we reported that Wesley Snipes was finally released from prison after serving a 3 year sentence for refusing to pay the government extortion racket known as “taxation”.  If you had a difficult time seeing through the scam of taxation with that story, hopefully this one can show you how taxation is blatant theft and thuggery.  

10 Maryland countiesincluding the one that I live in will now be taxing people for how much rain falls on their property.  How much area is paved on their property, and how big their deck is will be primary factors in this new taxation scheme.

According to a local newspaper:

In 2010 the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency ordered Maryland to reduce stormwater runoff into the Chesapeake Bay so that nitrogen levels fall 22 percent and phosphorus falls 15 percent from current amounts. The price tag: $14.8 billion.

And where do we get the $14.8 billion? By taxing so-called “impervious surfaces,” anything that prevents rain water from seeping into the earth (roofs, driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc.) thereby causing stormwater run off. In other words, a rain tax.And who levies this new rain tax? Witness how taxation, like rain, trickles down through the various pervious levels of government until it reaches the impervious level — me and you.

The EPA ordered Maryland to raise the money (an unfunded mandate), Maryland ordered its 10 largest counties to raise the money (another unfunded mandate) and, now, each of those counties is putting a local rain tax in place by July 1. So, if you live in Montgomery, Prince George’s, Howard, Anne Arundel, Carroll, Harford, Charles, Frederick, Baltimore counties or Baltimore city, you’ll be paying a rain tax on your next property tax bill.

The article goes on to explain the government will survey peoples property using drones and satellite imagery.

Daily Finance Explained that:

Homeowners will bear the brunt of the rain tax: of the $14.8 billion to be raised — $482 million each year until 2025 — about three-quarters will come from residential property owners. The rate is expected to start at $100 a year for most homeowners, although that could rise. The only rain tax shelter: credits and exemptions for property owners who follow stormwater “best practices.”  How the money will be spent is another murky situation.

As i reported last week, while the government uses the EPA to tax drivers and regulate how people are landscaping in their back yards, that same government has uncontrollable biological weapons sitting all over the country like toxic time bombs.

Most specifically, the area in question, the Chesapeake bay is terribly polluted with toxic chemical, biological and radioactive waste that was released from the Lockheed Martin facility in Middle River MD, and the Aberdeen Proving Grounds military base in Aberdeen MD, since around the time of World War 2.  Both of these facilities have unleashed a stew of toxic waste into rivers that lead directly into the bay, even going as far as storing radio active waste under the seabed for decades.  I will be doing a full series of reports on these toxic waste sites in the coming weeks and months, stay tuned to for more information.


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5 thoughts on “MD Residents to Pay New “Rain Tax” For Rain That Falls on Their Property

  1. Nitrogen and phosphorus is fertilizers…… I heard the other day – on some site – that obama said he would be president for life, well he may be right because if he keeps up his crazy way of thinking he will be KIO – “killed in office” – ya know how people are. People are realy sick of his goofy EO`s and other things he is doing.

  2. This is the most asinine and ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Rain is free from the sky … it belongs to no one. Unbelievable!

    . . .

  3. To me this is the best news ever , if the MD property owners would just think about this , if it is there rain and it falls on your property and causes roof, foundation problems or whatever then it is up to MD to fix it . I am sure that after the first 1000 court actions they will f#@k off and die.

  4. Wow! A “rain tax”?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Now if that ain’t the dumbest excuse for a tax law since Carbon tax, then I don’t know what is.

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