Mexican illegal immigrant charged with murder of man in Ohio after 11 prior arrests, 8 deportations

By Sara Higdon – The Post Millennial

Mexican illegal immigrant charged with murder of man in Ohio after 11 prior arrests, 8 deportations

On Wednesday, police in Hamilton, Ohio, announced the arrest of illegal immigrant Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez for murder after a long history of breaking the law. The victim of the killing has also been identified.

According to FOX 19, Garcia Gutierrez was arrested on charges of aggravated murder (premeditated), using weapons while intoxicated, carrying concealed weapons, possession of drugs, and obstructing official business, after police found the body of 41-year-old Fernando Rayna Oviedo on Monday in response to a 911 call. Oviedo died from a gunshot wound around 4:30 pm local time on April 1.

In a press conference, Butler County Sherrif Richard Jones revealed, “Garcia-Gutierrez has been deported seven times and he has been in our jail 11 times using seven different names and three different date of births.” He noted that Gacia-Gutierrez had been charged with over 20 crimes since 2001.

Jones pointed to the Biden administration and the border crisis as being an issue for the country. “That person would be alive today, and if you don’t think that it’s affecting you in Butler County, Ohio, we’re all border states; we’re all border counties. It’s here, and we could go on and on,” he said.

“Who knows how many people this guy has been involved in and has killed?” Jones added. “Here in the United States, in our jail, he’s had two or three weapons charges, he’s had domestic violence [charges]… driving while intoxicated.”

“We don’t know how many he’s killed in Mexico,” he noted. Pointing to pictures of President Biden, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, and Mexican President Andrés López Obrador, Jones declared, “Our border is broken, and these individuals are the cause of it.”

Of President Obrador, Jones said, “He doesn’t run Mexico, it’s the drug cartel.” He added, “We’ve got to stop this border invasion, it’s killing us and it’s killing innocent people.”

Garcia-Gutierrez was being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The coroner’s office is searching for Oviedo’s family and asks anyone with information to contact 513-785-5860.

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