‘Militia’ groups fear infiltration by feds at Bundy Ranch

Former Bundy guard Frank Lindysthe left the ranch.KLAS TV Las Vegas – by Lauren Rozyla

BUNKERVILLE, Nev. — Militia groups are still surrounding the Bundy ranch days after the BLM ended its roundup of cattle. There is concern among some of them that they have been infiltrated by undercover federal agents.

One man, among the self-described militia, says at least two federal agents went undercover to gather information and are preparing to make arrests. This latest information is causing increased tensions among those who say their goal is to protect rancher Cliven Bundy. Around 50 people remain at the ranch, many living in tents, and are prepared to stay for weeks, even months. The men say they took an oath to protect, but they are worried there is a rat in the ranks

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“When you pledge your life and your fortune, you’re prepared to give it up,” said Bobby Bridgewater, an Oath Keeper.

An atmosphere of uncertainty now surrounds the Bundy ranch. The so-called security guards aren’t sure, but they believe it’s possible federal agents are among them, posing as militia.

“You don’t know until you actually catch somebody,” Bridgewater said. “It is always something that we’re always thinking about.”

The Bundy supporters gathered in Bunkerville to protect the Bundy family. Cliven Bundy has allowed his cattle to graze illegally for 20 years on public lands. The feds began rounding up the cattle about three weeks ago, but stopped after some armed supporters interfered. Those supporters took Bundy’s cattle back from a federal holding pen. The militia continue to guard Bundy and the nearby hills 24 hours a day.

Former Bundy guard Frank Lindysthe says it is all very troubling.

“They are now calling for militia. They’re not in dug in positions, they are sitting on top of ridges. They don’t have night vision capability,” he said.

Lindysthe left the ranch in the middle of the night after at least two men tried joining the guard. He said the men made him uncomfortable.

“The people that are up there, they have a certain look about them. These are military. My belief is federal agents,” he said.

Lindysthe feels the alleged federal agents are there to gather information on militia members and eventually conduct a raid.

“They’re dirty. They’re dirty,” he said.

But, despite that belief, most of the militia show no signs of leaving and many say they’re ready to die fighting.

The BLM is declining any on camera interviews and there’s been no talk of any arrests connected to the dispute.


18 thoughts on “‘Militia’ groups fear infiltration by feds at Bundy Ranch

  1. You can go to Vegas and Bet Money that there are Fed’s inside the Militia people there. Here in Fla. there has been several incidents where the Fed’s are on the inside of groups. A very good friend of mine was teaching SERE to a group and 2 weeks later was visited by the FBI and SS about his involvement with the group. Trust NO one that you don’t personally know very well !

    1. I thought it was commonly understood in America that, for example, the Ku Klux Klan was completely operated by the FBI. This kind of thing goes back thousands of years. How could those gathered at Bundy’s ranch area NOT be infiltrated?

  2. Your telling me these militia can’t verify who is among them? Better go home then because no one has done their homework! If they are not bonafide members of a verifiable group, and you cannot contact or verify with home command, then they should be sent home. You are infiltrated, no brainer. There should be a central structure to verify each person on Bundy property. This is beyond stupid.

    1. Anyone can form a militia group, organize, equip, and train, with no one of them being any more legit than the other. There is no central command structure because it would be infiltrated, corrupted, or the records turned over to the enemy.
      It’s real simple. Lay out a list of chores, let the individual groups step up to do the work within their own group.
      And to say they might as well go home, well we might as well just surrender this country, because of the first glitch.
      You of course are on site and working the problem, right? Or are you a member of one of those state militias waiting on orders from headquarters from people still within the system?

  3. Expect infiltration.

    Leaderless resistance with like minded goals.
    In this case, keeping a fed invasion of Bundy ranch from happening.


  4. The man who recommended placing women up front during the standoff with Feds should be considered an agent provocateur. The MSM has played his interview like a broken record, knowing how effective it is in discrediting Bundy and his supporters. He’s either a complete idiot, or working for the Feds. Bundy supporters should search him for a wire immediately, then get him out of there.

      1. He probably said it too. I know I saw Sheriff Mack saying it on a mainstream broadcast. At least that’s what the notation beneath the figure speaking said. Can’t say I know what Sheriff Mack looks like. Never been buddies with the law.

  5. Any militia or any patriot organization that does NOT verify each and every member or does not have members who all know each other is going to get infiltrated, period. Rick Mclaren of the Republic of Texas movement in the mid-90s was warned several times by a Kansas militia of one particular infiltrator that Rick did nothing about until it was too late. That is why small group and leaderless resistance is often necessary.

  6. I have not participated in the local oath keepers meetings since discovering, one ex-homeland security person, several LAPD retirees, who tried to take over the meetings. Back to lone wolf. as I don’t need to be betrayed by my own.

  7. They “fear infiltration”? It’s a given. Unless you’re lucky enough to have just a small circle of friends that all grew up together, there can be absolutely no doubt that the so-called ‘government’ will do it’s utmost to infiltrate.

    As per Mossad’s motto: “War by deception”.

  8. Sometimes it’s hard to trust friends to watch your back, let alone complete strangers.

    I think most of us (including Bundy) acknowledged the possibility of paid informants and/or Federal infiltrators as being within these volunteer militia groups… all is fair in love and War.

  9. I do hope that Cliven Bundy, Sheriff Mack and Oath Keepers inundate the Governors Office and Legislators and Sheriffs of Nevada telling them over and over that any incursion into Bundy Ranch or any Federal attack where men are killed or injured will laid at the feet and be on the heads of those who refused to take responsibility and kick out ALL the FEDS not matter who they are and take back their state. These legislators will ultimately be responsible and should be tried as traitor to their Oaths of Office. The FED is a corporation and those Governors who also acknowledge this corporate entity deserve our contempt. We are to take back the Republic from these pernicious and destructive men and those who refuse to acknowledge the truth should be held in contempt by all patriots. States rights and God bless the Governor of Georgia.

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