10 thoughts on “Militia Movement Rising in Arizona

  1. What a scumbag hit piece this was. Oh yeah, gotta make sure we get the Zionist plug in there for the ADL and the SPLC. As for the people that are in jail, I’ve read about those cases and the stories smell fishy to me. As for hiding their faces, these are Americans that work for the trash in DC and know from the inside how risky it is to be a concerned, thinking American, especially with a gun. As for the vets, they are target number one these days for the fusion centers. You media whores disgust me.

  2. there are quite a few people in my area who are gunned up and ammoed up. they are patriots who are in support of the constitution. They are serious and well trained,with communications that cannot be monitored They are also under the radar, and able to mobilize when it is appropriate. booyah!!!!

  3. Look through the bullsh!t reporting and this is great news! It’s getting to the point where the reporting has to demonize the militia. I would assume, due to the militia movement growing and becoming stronger and more obvious, the only tactic they have left is to discredit the movement. I don’t think it matters, the people are pissed and more awake than ever. We’ll see more of this in the months to come.

  4. Interesting point made around the 6 minute mark regarding the names of the militia members. The reporter said that many of the militia were government employees and contractors that were not supposed to be involved with the militia. True this was an attack on us, but I think it sparks interest from sheep that have had a gut feeling, may be something new is what we need to drive the scum south of the border.
    Overall I like that THEY are scared of us!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Yeah, Rumstruck, I agree. That is a good thing to get airtime (advertisement) for the militia like that. That ad was worth a million bucks to our enlistment program. I am surprised they even brought up the JT Ready family assassination plot, because everyone knows that it was a hit. You would think they would want to just let that story just get lost with time.

      The Militias are growing on their own. Everyday, As new assaults to our Liberty is read by someone in the alternate news, and a light goes on in the readers head, it creates another awake individual. Or when an individual actually experiences the full weight and force of the fierce master come down on their head. The reality of it all sets in and they get that sick feeling in their gut that causes some to throw up, because they realize something will have to be done to correct it, and they make that commitment in their own heart. Whether they go look to join a militia, or not, they become one of, We the people, and We the people are the militia… even the lone wolf.

      Everywhere I go, I am checking the pulse of the people I meet and greet. There are some good men and women folk out there who are a little embarrassed that their lips got stained from drinking the Kool Aide for so many years, but they are back with eyes wide open and they are mad as hell. hehehe

    1. That would be okay with me. The Bill of Rights is (or should be) something that’s supported, respected, and protected by people in all corners of the world, and I would hope that it’s fought for in all corners of the world.

      Happy to have you aboard. By that one statement, I’d consider you to be more of an American than Obama is.

  5. I can’t even watch the movie, but based on the comments of trusted sources above, I can guess it’s just another hit-piece that tries to convince people that the militia-movement is limited to a few “gun-nuts” in one state (Arizona), when the reality is that the entire population has been gearing up for revolution for many years now.

    The politicians may soon be discovering the hard way just how completely out-of-touch with the American people they actually are.

    They live in a fantasy that allows them to believe that the propaganda machine has everyone fooled, and it’s simply not the case anymore, and hasn’t been for a long time.

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