Missouri HOA threatens foreclosure because homeowner’s truck looks old

Driving – by Alex Reid

A man in Missouri is fighting a legal battle against his homeowners association’s (HOA) attempt to foreclose on his house because, it says, his truck has “severe body damage” and violates HOA rules by being parked in his driveway, CBS News reports.

Longtime classic car-lover Andy Lipka owns a beautiful 1965 Ford F-250. The bodywork on the truck shows some honest wear, but under the skin, the vehicle runs and drives perfectly.

However, his HOA, the Woodfield Homes Association, views the patina on the otherwise clean, straight and un-dented vehicle as “moderately severe body damage.”

Lipka parks it in his driveway not only because he feels it’s “beautiful the way it is,” and “reminds [him] of the truck [he] grew up in with [his] dad,” but because he already has two other vehicles in his garage.

The merit of patina is a hotly debated topic, but when it shows up on an honest old pickup truck that spent its life working, most classic car enthusiasts will agree it’s a draw, not a defect.

The HOA has fined Lipka almost US$3,000 and threatened to foreclose on his house if he doesn’t pay the charges. And while the association is also suing to get its money, Lipka is suing right back, disputing the claim his truck is damaged and claiming the HOA has made this personal, turning it from a policy issue to harassment.

The battle will go to court, where hopefully Lipka wins and keeps this awful homeowner’s association from infringing on his right to park his own damn car in his own damn driveway he paid for.



5 thoughts on “Missouri HOA threatens foreclosure because homeowner’s truck looks old

  1. wonder how old the stupid fck looks that is that is pushing this crap ?..maybe they should be fined for being idiots and tyrants

    I swear ..some peoples kids should have never been born

    1. Cuba?
      Just kidding! The HOA is probably comprised of Yuppie types who are afraid for their property values and drive shiny new, heavily mortgaged gargantuan SUV’s.
      I’d imagine they’ll be wishing for a reliable vehicle when their cushy job dissolves!
      That HOA ought to mind it’s manners. They are losing fashion. The association under which my property exists is very hands off. It’s been nice. For now…

  2. strange .. this has happened to me twice now

    Ive gone back to edit a misspelling and i get a dual post

  3. That is why I will never live in a neighborhood with an HOA, they can GFY. There is nothing wrong with that truck, I would have no problem driving it and parking it in my driveway. Take a man’s home because they don’t like the vehicle he drives? It don’t get any more draconian than this.

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