Monday Morning Ghost Story

Good morning!

The freakiest thing just happened to me this morning. I was going about my normal routine. I washed some dishes, fed the dogs, and while filling up a gallon size jug of water to put in the outside bowl, a wine carafe that I had placed in the dish drainer literally flew across the kitchen and smashed to the ground breaking into pieces. It happened so fast, but I found myself chasing it and trying to catch it before it landed to no avail.  

I’m still reeling from what just happened and more freaked out than anyone can imagine! Jen heard it from upstairs and ran down to see what happened. I’m still scouring the kitchen for glass as I don’t want anyone to get hurt. I’m enclosing a picture with a different carafe to show how it was placed in the drainer. There is no way in the world an object could pick itself up, go past a cookie sheet and fling across a room on its own. I had to write it down and document it while it was still fresh in my mind.

We are moving and this house was built in 1906. Crazy things have been known to happen here, missing objects, voices, etc., but this one took the cake! Wow! I’m still shaking!



20 thoughts on “Monday Morning Ghost Story

  1. I feel like a crazy person. It went up and to the left of that cookie sheet. WTF! I’ve been out on the porch since this morning, waiting for my husband to get home. I called him about it. Sigh… It’s going to be a long day. Packing be damned. I’m taking the day off.

    1. Whatever you do Deb, don’t go in the light Deb, Don’t go in the light.

      On a lighter note:
      Can pitchers commit suicide? Did you fill it with such bad wine that it couldn’t exist with that memory? 🙂

      1. It doesn’t matter what I filled it with, that bitch went up and to the left and smashed. Perhaps I ticked it off by washing it. I’m still steering clear of the kitchen a day later. Although no dead crazy lady is going to clear me away. It’s been quiet here today, as always. Yesterday was a freak show, and unusual.

  2. If this is the place you are leaving.
    Obviously an entity is upset.
    Might be a parasite that has been feeding on your soul energy for years.
    If it’s the new place…..
    I would consider it the neighborhood welcoming committee.
    I love the paranormal.
    I just shake it off as normal….
    But don’t listen to me…..
    I’m fkd up.

    1. I think I have a handle on what occurred this morning. You may be more right than you realize. Bad things happened in this house long before we lived here. My landlord is well into his 80’s. His farther was doing all the women in town, he fathered more children than anyone can imagine. He brought women here, when she was in the next room. His wife was ill, and I believe, but am not certain that she died in this house. I’ve had things go missing such as 8ft long curtains. That wine carafe wasn’t aimed at me. I think she may be upset that we are leaving because we gave this house a lot of tlc. Her sons took things that didn’t belong to them, and left her with crap and she died with nothing. Whatever it is, scares me sometimes, but I’ve never felt threatened, if that makes sense.

  3. I find if you don’t talk about “things”…they don’t show up. Just my thing. Works for a lot of circumstances. Oh….don’t say “I wonder what would happen if”…or “I wonder why he did that”. 🙂

    1. I never think or talk about “things” ever. I was just going about a normal daily routine. Get some coffee, feed the cat, feed the dogs, do some dishes etc. It’s a beautiful day here today, cool, dry, and no chemtrails. One of those lalala everything is all lollipops and rainbows kind of days so to speak. Things show up weather you want them to or not, when you least expect it. 🙂

  4. Remington should be able to sense any spirits in the house. Cats are much more aware of spirit entities than humans are, imo.

    They don’t like being ‘deserted’, so it likely won’t end there, Deb.

    1. Oh I know that cats can see what we can’t. He’s been lurking in the front window all day and won’t come out, even when I bring him in the kitchen to eat. He runs right back to the window.

      Me and the kids would jokingly call our “friend” Tobey. But I think I know who it is. She’s not evil per say, but I don’t think she’s happy that we are leaving.

  5. There is more to this world then we have been lead to believe.
    My grown daughter sees what would be best described as shadow people.
    When she was a child, we would have her take “a time out” on the stairs to the basement. She would see a clown face peaking around the corner that frightened her.

    It is hard for us that do not see or experience spirits or other things to understand those who do.

    1. The clown faces would be enough to give me a heart attack. Shadows however I have dealt with, non threatining so to speak. I’m glad I have a cat again. They see things before we do. This is an extremely old house, there have been too many things that go bump in the night, but for the most part benign. I don’t scare easily. I’m more apt to run outside with a gun or bat when degenerates are lighting off fireworks. Ghosts or whatever go bump in the night are the least of my worries. They freak me out, and yesterday… Watching a carafe fly up and to the left qualified. It wasn’t aimed at me. It didn’t try to hurt me, but it did scare me. We’re almost out of here, and I think the old gal doesn’t want us to go. I know I’m trying to rationalize, there’s no other explanation. 😉

  6. I’ve lived in a couple of haunted houses comes with my affinity for historic homes, Victorians in particular. My Michigan house has what sounds like a young teen girl who likes to say hello and mom. Had foot steps in my son’s upstairs bedroom last month when I was there alone. I had to leave that time and go outside. It normally doesn’t bother me. Then my wife went back with me a week ago and the downstairs bathroom door knob turned and the door slammed. An old country four square that I had about 7 years ago , the up stairs bathroom used to feel like someone was watching you when taking a shower. I refused to use that room. When my wife was out of town and I was there alone that bathroom door would slam again and again..about once every second for about 10 seconds, then stop. I would check for a breeze, windows open…anything. never found a reason. Also had what felt like a cat crawling on the bed…and could see little impressions in the comforter as it walked.

    1. This may not be a haunting. What you are experiencing is a government spacecraft the size of a head of a needle that is powered by a nano microscopic nuclear power plant. It is equipped to project holograms and has an electromagnetic force field projector that can move objects through the air, being remotely controlled from Tel Aviv by an operative that has your records from the time you were born up until yesterday, who has been assigned just to you to watch you all day, every day and seek to manipulate you… or, it could just be a f#@king ghost. 🙂

      1. Ok Henry, fess up. You told us about your own ghostly story from years ago. Tell it again! Tell it again! Unless we have to wait until that evening, when we are all sitting around the campfire with you pointing the flashlight at your face! Booga! Boogga! Haha! 😉

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