Money is the Driving Force: Politicians in America are Not Elected on the Basis of Acumen, Education or Intelligence…

Global Research – by Anthony Bellchambers

The power-brokers who influenced congress to support nuclear Israel’s illegal settlements in 2015 and war with non-nuclear Iran in 2016

In 1933, a baby was born into a low-income family and grew up in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. His family was of Ukrainian Jewish ancestry whose father drove a taxi, and his mother ran a knitting shop. Currently he is the owner of an Israeli daily newspaper as well as being boss of an LA gambling casino group and is the major founder of the Republican Party.  

It is, of course, a matter of global bemusement that the government of the most powerful Western democracy, the United States of America, is elected not on the basis of political acumen, education or intelligence but on the amount of money that specific individuals have either amassed or inherited. Barack Obama, of course, being the one exception.

This political aberration has, in the recent past, given us such incompetent nonentities as George Bush who personified the ultimate in inept leadership,  and which currently showcases a television host and hotel owner, a certain Mr Trump.

Whilst this aberrant behaviour on the part of the American public may seem to the outside world to be a rehearsal for another TV show, in fact it is a tragedy of global proportions whereby casino bosses and the like use their gambling or other profits to ensure that they control or heavily influence the supposedly democratically elected US congress. The result is, that wherever we live in the world – in Europe, Asia or North America – our lives are circumscribed by the antics of such American nonentities who have managed to obtain huge political influence by the power of money alone.

One of the consequences of such a flawed system is that foreign states such as Israel are able to send politicians such as Binyamin Netanyahu to demand of congress $6 billion a year as an involuntary gift from the American electorate to support his own government and to keep him in power. That huge sum includes vast amounts of arms and military equipment to support the Israeli government’s policy of illegal settlement on Palestinian land.  A policy for which Mr Adelson uses the considerable clout of his (unelected) power to support.

Such corrupted methods of allegedly democratic government are of immense disadvantage to global peace and prosperity and should be banned by the UN in the interests of the international community of nations.

(C)  London.
1st Jan 2016

6 thoughts on “Money is the Driving Force: Politicians in America are Not Elected on the Basis of Acumen, Education or Intelligence…

  1. “Barack Obama, of course, being the one exception.”

    Huh? Are the lying Zionists at “Global Research” claiming that Obama was elected without financial support? (“the amount of money that specific individuals have either amassed or inherited”)

    I strongly disagree with this article, and believe it was written for the purpose of keeping the American people’s thinking contained in the present system, by suggesting it can be fixed with campaign finance reform.

    Money is NOT the driving force behind elections. The media is, and the big media companies suck up most of the money that candidates are able to amass.

    If the internet is kept free, and common people retain the opportunity to share their ideas further than their own neighborhood, truth spreads, lies are exposed, and corrupt politicians will fall.

    We’re already seeing the downfall of the Zionist media, and only a few Americans still manage to remain in denial of the reality that the Zionist’s have been hiding, in favor of the false reality they’ve created.

    That’s why they’re scrambling to censor the internet, restrict free speech, and fill your head with disinformation, like the article above.

    Money is of little consequence to the people who print the stuff, and once you own half the planet, acquiring more wealth is a given, and it’s the acquisition of power that gets you out of bed in the morning.

    Only the internet, and free speech have been able to keep the Rothschild’s money and power in check. They can spend all the cash they want to, but it’s not going to influence an awakened population. They can’t buy everyone, and they can’t deceive everyone, and that’s what any candidates campaign money is limited to.

    Honest, and intelligent candidates will be running for office once the lying media that supports the crooks is neutered.

    The Zionist media is your biggest enemy, because they control popular opinion. All the money in the world wouldn’t get a crook elected unless the people were first deceived regarding who he was.

    1. Agree totally. My worry is that they know this as well as anyone and when that day comes, where they finally find themselves nearly out of business or going to prison, a nuke goes off in a harbor somewhere in the US or UK. Because war stops all things, and that evil will sprout a new reality that will take us decades to combat, AGAIN. That’s the new game.

      Their gloves have definitely been off since 9.11, they went for broke, they can’t stop now or they know they will die in prison. It’s no limit Hold’em where the other guy dies…..

      1. yeah, that’s probably what will happen, and they’re going to need the mother or all false-flags on this population that’s already wary of them.

        I think 9-11 was the beginning of their “end game”, from which there is no turning back for them.

        1. Yeah, I think about ‘our’ demographics and wonder what the real number of awake vs. soccer mom idiots, welfare dicks, etc, are? There is no god damn way Kankles has that much support! We know who runs the media, but, jesus, REALLY?! If it’s around 25% I could believe that, no way it’s 50…..sham election time folks, buckle up.

          Talkin to my dad about it the other day, it’s all about the delegates, and it doesn’t look very good for Trump. I watched them do this to Perot, my boy Ron Paul and now I have to root for an egomaniac and still watch him get robbed. What’s that saying? Sometimes even the normal man has to spit on his hands, raise the black flag and begin slitting throats?

  2. This article is a load of rubbish. Obama’s gone to great lengths to cover the fact his mother is a Jew. Jews take care of their own first. In fact, Jews only take care of other Jews and Jewish interest. All their rags to riches stories have a synagogue of powerful people backing them, including our current dear leader.

    1. She was a total whore as well. I just wanted to throw that in there, thanks.

      If I may, I’d like to also add that Barry Soetero is the, ‘unwashed nozzle’ on the CIA douche. Now I really feel better, thanks.

      And he also likes to chug older white cock. Seriously, last one, thanks a million.

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