More Americans Living With Chronic Pain – GMOs, Chemtrails, Chemicals in Meat and Poultry?

As I was growing up as a kid, just as all of you, I ate anything and everything that was put in front of me, if it smelled and tasted good I ralphed it down; food was everything as I was growing up. As I grew older that came to be a curse, all the crap that came with this good food is now taking its toll. I won’t go into details, but I will tell you this, I have pain that stays with me 24/7. I look at it as a curse, pain that would make your toenails curl if you could just feel it for a couple of minutes.  

I have yet to understand why the hell our medical establishment continues to play this off as incurable, only addressing the pain with billions of dollars of useless, over the counter crap that barely touches the surface. Let’s just take diabetes as the example, a disease the affects more people around the globe than any other, and the pain that goes along with it.

What is being held back from the masses, are the elite privy to a cure for the pain that us sheeple will never benefit from? What medications or procedures are the masses not aware of?

When a billionaire has diabetic neuropathy, what procedures and medications does he get that Joe the plumber not get? When the president of the United States is unfortunate enough to acquire this curse, how is he treated?

Aside from the obvious, a corrupt as hell medical establishment, corrupt as hell doctors who only give professional care to people with the professional bank accounts, nerve damage stays with you for life, no cure, or is there?

I have learned over the past couple of years about chronic pain, and why people are committing suicide more than ever now; can’t live with the pain, and want to end it. The pain changes your entire outlook on life, always walking around pissed off, mad as hell, the “why me” syndrome attacking every fiber of your mojo, your outlook towards others, and your self worth.

What is the medical establishment not telling us and why? You can’t tell me that there is no cure for diabetes, I’m not buying it, pumping insulin only pumps mammon into big pharma coffers, meanwhile the nerve damage continues, and the pain never ends.

Over time, millions more continue to eat the garbage put in front of them, not realize what will happen to them down the road, our kids eat the frosted corn flakes, pouring even more sugar onto them, because it tastes so damn good. Thirty years later they start to feel that tingling sensation in their feet. More years pass they come down with the neurological effects of the curse, and the chronic pain that follows.

Be careful with those energy drinks kids, this was put to us as a curse from satin himself, only feeding the Jew overloads with your hard earned cash, these drinks were put upon us for one reason and one reason only, to kill you, maybe not now, but soon.

No cure for the chronic pain? I call bullshit, what are they not telling us?

13 thoughts on “More Americans Living With Chronic Pain – GMOs, Chemtrails, Chemicals in Meat and Poultry?

  1. Mark i am so sorry for your pain, almost everyone i know at diff ages has one thing or another. My 50 yr old daughter has that Trigeminal Disorder called Suicide Disease for about 5 yrs now and getting worse, she has all 3 kinds. My friends my age 68 all have Fibro, Stenosis, MS, etc. Some are addicted to the Opiates. But don’t you think in our Grandparents generation, people walked more thus excercise, ate fresh garden veg or fruit untouched by chemicals, i know they ate sugar but i think the excercise and good food off set it? Mom has lived for 90 yrs w severe pain, she has Lupus from Childhood, bad Arthur, Back, is and has been bedridden at times or hospitalized yrs ago. But she is a Marine and tough old bird. She is so crippled but rarely does she let on. I rub that Blue EMU from TV, Cannabis Cream but it 75.00 for bottle, or DoTerra Deep Blue, on her when she will let me, it gives her some relief but none is cheap. I am in South Dakota now and it isn’t legal, she would take Cannabis if it was in some form but again costly. I have friends who use it of all ages they swear by the Oil, don’t know how they afford it. So in one way i hope Govt and Pharma do take over but really i don’t if you know what i mean, but then i think maybe just maybe more people can get the help that works for them? Take care of yourself.

    1. Hi Tess

      Yes there are reliefs out there, although tempory, enough to get you to sleep at night, thank God. My brother Henry’s kids told him about a couple of naturals out there, I tried one and it’s an amazing natural relief that yes, is expensive. As a human being who hates pain, this one works.

      I dont want to mention it here because Rockefkrs will undoutably outlaw it, if it becomes too popular. I will tell you this much, you can find it at most smoke shops.

      Thanks for caring, pain is a needless curse.

      1. Hi Mark, i dont get replys so was just back reading the news when i saw your answer, you are wise to not say, i am so glad it helps. I am reading a lot on Wild Lettuc which is said to be in all yard as weeds, it is supposed to be Opium like strenght so if you are near any, google it, and see if yu can find it too. I don’t go to smoke shops i know they outlawed Spice i think it was? Working on KRATOM too i think or were, but that is sorta tough as it to is costly and i had to order overseas for a friend and it was a crazy procedure in shipping but i wouldnt do it again only in that you can’t talk to anyone, and i was uncomfortable giving card as i been hacked six ways to sunday. I don’t know if you are a Believer but one day if one does, there will be no pain, but waiting for that day is tough. 🙂

    1. Thx H D

      Somebody turned me into soaking your feet in apple cider vinegar and cold water, cuts the pain way back, and it cheap, I carry a wash buckets in the truck.I carry plentyy of water , and the vinager its cheap as hell. I dont know, all this sht is iffy, just like my spelling.

  2. Mark are henry if your ever near a Amish health store go in there ask talk to them about what’s going on with you . I own my life to a Amish woman

  3. MSM helps to lessen chronic pain, but it’s not enough by itself. Opioids are addictive, and they slow you down (make you downright clumsy if overdone).

    My aches & pains have been multiplying lately. The colder it gets, the more I ache… arthritis in my hands is the most annoying one. The other day it was hurting so much that I put off paying a bill (it’s already late anyway) and went to the dispensary. Truth be told, I’ve had zero luck with CBD pastes & lotions… they just got in some new cartridges that are only 8% THC, but they’re 55% CBD, and it DOES help. This Friday they’re getting in another new cartridge (by my favorite vendor – Exhale), and it will have 8% THC, but 83% CBD! There are some CBD oils & tinctures out there that have 0% THC, but at least SOME THC has to be present to FULLY activate the CBD.

    This is one product I highly recommend.

    1. Thx steve, problem is that fkg urine test. That is as dirty of a game as ever, they want you to hurt, my job requires testing, even though it rarely happens; It still is the monkey sweating bullets on your back .

      I have extremely cool employers, they get it. Test too much, say goodbye to your drivers.Hard to run a trucking business when you dont have drivers. We only get tested when our license expires, or if we get into an accident.

      Never had an accident, and I now when my license expires.

      1. I’m just glad I found something that works, Mark, (not as well as the Norco 10’s used to, but better than anything else has so far), in a form that delivers it quickly… and one that I prefer anyway.

  4. Years ago I eliminated grains from my diet and started taking MSM….it took several months but the joint pain was diminished greatly…..

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