Morgellon’s cured with Salt, Coffee & Turmeric bath

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A Morgellon’s sufferer whom I had talked with a few weeks previously, phoned me saying that she had cured her Morgellon’s Disease!

She was crying and crying because she was so happy! She had been suffering for two months, after she got bitten by a bug at the Salvation Army. After that she had terrible lesions that would not heal, and saw the worms etc. that the doctors ignored.  

Eventually she had 60 lesions all over her body and back. It hurt incredibly day and night, and she could feel things running up and down her back. She had fibers coming out. Already her lesions are starting to heal.

This lady worked with another Morgellon’s sufferer to invent this cure-

Here is what she did. She had a bath with:

Cheap sea salt, as much as you can bare.

Instant coffee, folgers. ABout 1/4 jar.

Turmeric. About 1/2 cup.

When she did this ALL KINDS OF THINGS SWAM OUT OF THE BATH!  They were all different sizes. They were different colors including black, blue, pink and white.

She has had 5 baths and each time HALF A CUP of stuff was left in the bath!

Note: Also see the story below about the woman who had a bath with Miracle II soap and green slime came out of her body!


Morgellon’s Disease was named by one woman who wanted to give a name to her son’s symptoms. She named it after an ancient disease where black hairs came out of the skin.

However, the Morgellon’s disease of today is a totally new disease, which is caused by nanotechnology. That is, some of Morgellon fibers are machines, microscopic technology. The famous GoldenRod nanotechnology fiber pictured above is a good example. We do not know if it was released on purpose (which is quite possible) or by accident. What we do know is that there are many different kinds of Morgellon’s.

While one should never used the word cure because the Medical Mafia have a virtual copyright on it, maybe I can use it this time because as of Jan 2015, doctors refuse to admit that this disease exists. This may not be just due to close-mindedness – they may be under orders to do this.

People who have this terrible disease go almost insane with the itching. I can’t imagine how they manage to get through the day. Some have even committed suicide over it. I won’t post pictures of the awful lesions that can occur anywhere on the body, or even all over the body, but if you have a strong stomach, here are a few.

Many people who have this awful disease report having fibers come out of their body which are red, blue, white and other colors. Here are a few examples:








But, it’s not just fibers. All kinds of implanted shapes have also been recorded, such as this one:



Many more pictures can be seen at

One picture though is extra worth posting- which proves that this is no natural disease:



Proof that these are not natural is that they DO NOT BURN AT 1400 DEGREES F!

You can learn all about this from this interview and from this article by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger.

Naming Morgellon’s after an ancient disease makes people dismiss it’s importance as a disease that is cause by modern technology. Therefore I suggest that the name be changed to “Nanomorg Disease”.



Other Possible Cures for Morgellon’s Disease

These were written before the amazing discovery explained at the start of this article.

1) Have a Bath with Miracle II soap.

I bought some of this soap once and was not impressed since some of it got on the carpet and left a green stain that I was not able to wash out. However, a recent phone conversation changed my opinion of this soap completely:

A wonderful lady who I trust told me a story that was told to her by a friend whom she said is completely truthful. The woman had a bath with Miracle II soap. What happened totally freaked her out.

She saw green slime come out of her body!

Then bubbles popped up in weird ways. The bubbles then CLIMBED UNDER THE SHAMPOO BOTTLE, and LIFTED THE BOTTLE UP!

2) Have a Bath with words of Holy Scripture (?) + Alfalfa

What is it in the Miracle II soap that could possibly have done the above? They say that it ‘has prayer’ in it. Is it possible that certain holy words could heal Morgellon’s? We know from the photos of alien drones that somehow words are very important to alien technology (and Morgellon’s is most likely to be connected with alien technology).



So, I wonder what would happen if one had a bath with bible scripture on them? You can print words onto clear, lazerjet, plastic labels.

I would also add some organic, dried alfalfa (so it’s non-GMO), because of what is reported in the next section.

3) Have a Bath with Sun powdered laundry detergent with Colorsafe Bleach PLUS Alfalfa tablets.

(Unfortunately, people have found it hard to obtain this. If you can find a supplier of this, please let us know where to get it).

These seem to combine to produce something that is lethal to the machines. This cure for Morgellon’s disease was discovered by accident. Read this wonderful testimonial from the person who discovered this cure:

“Mystery skin disease report….a positive treatment for Morgellons?

By Valerie. Posted on Morgellons Yahoo egroup Dec 6 2006

I have been Morgellons sufferer for over ten years. Recently, I discovered, quite by accident, something that is literally making it disappear from my BODY.

As I am sure fellow sufferers can relate to, over the years, I have experimented with various “super baths,” filling the tub with hot water and putting in things like lemons, baking soda, dish detergent, laundry detergent, alcohol, etc….well, one day about four months ago, I was filling the bath and I was pretty dirty from housecleaning so I put some Sun powdered laundry detergent with colorsafe bleach into the water, just a tad, because it really cleans the skin so good, and once I finish with the bath, I scrub it off with regular soap and a scrubby thing that is regularly disinfected.

Anyway, I left the bathroom for a minute or two and heard a crash that sounded like one of my cats getting into something. When I returned to the bathroom, nothing seemed amiss, so I got undressed and slid into the water for a soak.

Everything seemed normal until the bubbles parted, and I got the sight of a morgellons sufferers’ lifetime: those black and grey specks MIGRATING OUT OF MY SKIN AS FAST AS THEY COULD IN DROVES BY THE HUNDREDS FROM EVERY SQUARE INCH OF MY BODY!

And even as I saw that, I also noticed several large oblong things “dissolving” in the bottom of the tub. I picked one up, and it was an alfalfa tablet. Then I noticed the bottle on the counter next to the tub was overturned, and about 25 of them had fallen into the water! They were the cause of the migration of all things Morgellon out of my skin in a fantastic migration for about an hour! Brown flecks, black specks, fibers, white patches of fibers drifted off the surface of my skin like No Problema, see ya later, something I had NEVER BEEN ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH WITH ANY OTHER TOPICAL AGENT.


The scabs are gone, the fibers are history, the patches of fibers are all taped to a piece of wax paper and about to be sent off to a research lab that has requested them.

I am sending you my testimonial in hopes that other sufferers will at least know some relief from the scourge of the skin. Dandelion the Flame Point Siamese must be credited with this miraculous discovery. He is only three years old, but he’s a hero to his long-suffering Mommy!

I’ve done a little research on the mighty alfalfa, and apparently it creates an alkaline environment in the body in which things like CANCER and other diseases cannot survive. So, taking it internally can only be a good thing, also; but it’s the BATHS that made all the difference in the world for me. (Editor’s Note: Much alfalfa is now poisonous GMO, so make sure it’s organic).

I also tried putting St. Johns Wort in the bath along with it, with even better results. And for some reason, using the Sun powdered laundry detergent with colorsafe bleach also helps facilitate the migration of the specks.

God, I really hope this helps even one person as it has helped me.

It has cleared up my symptoms so completely that I kept forgetting to post this information on the morgellons websites!

(Editor’s note: The author of this article attributed the success of this treatment to the alfalfa tablets. However, it appears that the success came from the COMBINATION of Sun powdered laundry detergent with colorsafe Bleach PLUS Alfalfa Tablets.

4) Increase Alkalinity

Machines like to have the correct environment. It would appear that Morgellon’s likes an acidi environment. While not a total cure, many people have reported that greatly improving the alkalinity of their body helped a lot. That makes sense since this is crucial for healing all kinds of diseases, and nearly everyone is way too acidic from what they eat and drink. For a full program, please read my natural health manual (even if you are skinny) – You’re not Fat, You’re toxic.

5) Electromagnetic means.

Eg: Using a Low Frequency Signal Generator and/or Hulda Clark zapper.

Now that we know that the fibers are MACHINES, one should ask, how does one kill a machine? The answer is, with electricity! Short them out.

There are two ways that you could do this.

The first is to use a Hulda Clark zapper. Instructions on how to build one are described in her book “The cure for all diseases”. Or search on Dr. Hulda Clark in her book The Cure for all Diseases rediscovered what Royal Raymond Rife discovered in the early 1900s – that every single thing emits a particular frequency, and if you send that frequency back at it, it dies. Clark developed her ‘zapper’ and gave instructions for building one in her book. You can also buy them on ebay.

If I had Morgellon’s, I would also try grabbing an electric fence (after a doctor had declared that I was in good health). In Australia, there is an ‘incurable’ disease called Ross River Fever. I read a report of how two farmers who had this disease both fell on an electric fence by accident, and in both cases were healed of Ross River Fever.

6) Colloidal Silver

eg NutraSilver

Note: No one should take Colloidal Silver all the time, as it can turn the skin blue. It is for killing bugs, not for aiding health.

7) Rare Earth Magnets (Neodymium magnets)

Worth researching. We believe that they affect implants, so why not nanotechnology? See this article for more info.

8) Suggestions for Cleaning Clothes & Bedsheets

Soak your clothes in the bath using borax, antiseptic soap. And the 3 magic ingredients of salt, coffee and turmeric.



Is Morgellon’s Disease Spread by Swimming Pools?

I had already hypothesized, before reading Valerie’s experience above, that maybe Morgellon’s disease is spready partly by swimming pools. That is, by something from an infected person passing into the water and later to another person. I did this after noting that most sufferers occur in California, Texas and Florida. Yes, I know that they also have large populations which affects the chances of them getting more sufferers, but so do the north eastern states. What do these three states have in common? Lots of SWIMMING POOLS.

I muscle tested that Morgellon’s disease can, in fact, be spread via swimming pools. And that the chlorine in public pools does not kill the creatures. I muscle tested that for some reason the ocean is safe (so far).

Valerie’s experience in the above post backs up this hypothesis.

Since coming to this conclusion, I have not gone in a single public pool, which has been very hard since we live in Florida and have also visited a few hotels when it was hot and the pool sure looked inviting – until one thinks of things swimming in it which can cause a lifetime of itching / crawling sensations,, pain and suffering.


Morgellon’s Disease is Spread by Second Hand Fabric

The lady above reported getting Morgellon’s from a bite from a bug at the Salvation Army. We recommend that no one visit any second hand stores, or buy any second hand item that has fabric on it.


Feedback from Reader’s

“I have this disease and a pool. The pool has bothered me for a long time, and I am convinced it is contaminated. I would support this theory!”


One reader wrote to me when readers said they couldn’t locate Sun laundry detergent, that they wrote to the Sun company. They said:

“Thank you for writing to our Consumer Relations Department regarding our Sun Laundry Detergent. You had inquired where this item could be found in your area. Currently, most Dollar Stores will carry it. Also, Wal-marts have it on a promotional basis.”


2 thoughts on “Morgellon’s cured with Salt, Coffee & Turmeric bath

  1. I’ve had this for 8 years. I had long hair at one time. Now I keep my head shaved and covered. One thing I have seen on the sores that never heal is those are the ones growing the hairs on the underside. I believe some of them have spores and the intense itching happens so you scratch them and release them. Theyre so small they get inside of pores or sores; also insulin injection sites. Triamcinolone Acetonide 1% ointment actually aids in healing old crusty sores. Sometimes if a sore starts itching a lot I put liquid bandaid on it and it stops the itch and prevents the spores to release. The fibers I’ve seen with a magnifying glass are L-shaped with a black dot attached near an end. I saw where the black dot had attached to the human hair. I believe they eat the hair and infect it.
    I’ve seen places where a spore fell down my arm one day and managed to get in a pore and then it swelled up with something red; probably blood.
    I’m currently trying your discoveries and still have faith some true pioneer of a scientist will help us who suffer. The fibers are in my eyes, ears, nose and sinuses, lungs, intestines. Don’t lay your bare arms on surfaces without laying a paper towel down first. Anything that straightens the fiber out is better to clean surfaces with: bleach, hydrogen peroxide. You can use a mild saline solution to rinse your eyes.
    Good news! The CDC and WebMD have publically acknowledged this is a disease and has asked the medical community to treat it as a physical disease and not a psychological problem! Stay strong.

    1. I just did the turmeric coffee sea salt bath…. Something definitely got sucked out of me I feel like I just ran a marathon. I feel quiet warm relaxed and peaceful.

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