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Hummus prices are insane – it’s basically just refried beans. Not just that, some have unhealthy ingredients. For example, we used to buy Athenos hummus – after all, it looks so Greek, doesn’t it?

But as I was researching for my book You’re not fat, You’re Toxic, and learned how toxic so-called “natural” flavorings are, I became concerned that they were in Athenos hummus. So I phoned the company to find out what the natural flavorings were made from. Imagine my shock when the phone operator answered with “Kraft. How can I help you?”. Ugh – another multinational corporation.    Continue reading “Easy Best Hummus Recipe”

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A Morgellon’s sufferer whom I had talked with a few weeks previously, phoned me saying that she had cured her Morgellon’s Disease!

She was crying and crying because she was so happy! She had been suffering for two months, after she got bitten by a bug at the Salvation Army. After that she had terrible lesions that would not heal, and saw the worms etc. that the doctors ignored.   Continue reading “Morgellon’s cured with Salt, Coffee & Turmeric bath”

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We recently had the unfortunate experience of having a lady whom we know well, go to hospital for a heart operation. Since she survived the operation, we wanted to make sure the hospital food did not kill her.

We visited this lady for two weeks after the operation, bringing her healthy food every day, because hospital food is more than awful tasting – it’s toxic.  While I knew it was bad, until I saw what was fed to her each day, I had no idea how bad it was.   Continue reading “Hospital Food – How it Can Kill You”

These are snippets from various forums I visit:


Anyone in Michigan having your garden die off? Last year this time every good thing was growing great. Within 3 days all is dead. Ours is 3/4 acre? Everything died. Talked to some other people same thing. Everything was normal and it just died off, like late fall. Even pumpkins! We know the weather and have had a garden for a long time. No bugs, no other symptoms. I asked my mother about this and she said she cannot remember a time since she was child. This garden is old. Last year I had so much stuff I couldn’t give it away. The only thing that did well was beans, and they also stopped all activity.   Continue reading “Gardeners Reporting Gardens Dying Within 1-3 Days”

Meta Tech

The Schumann Resonance is the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the earth. It is supposed to be steady at 7.83 Hz, but it can vary slightly.

From Wikipedia:

“The Schumann resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth‘s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere…   Continue reading “Schumann Resonance going Crazy”

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As of August 2 2014, Toledo, Ohio has no water because of very toxic levels from algae. They can’t drink even boiled water. It is even recommended that they don’t shower in it!  A state of emergency has been declared.  500,000 people without safe water – so many residents are going berserk.   Continue reading “Toledo Has no Safe Water Prepare for a Water Shortage Now Before you Regret it”

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I recently saw this post on a forum:

“I met this Swedish girl at a bar one night through a group of college friends. Drop dead gorgeous blonde, one of the better looking women that I’ve seen. I was actually nervous, for once, talking to her. We talked on and off, danced a couple times, etc.

One week later: I’m at the gym walking past the treadmills and this girl calls my name. Id never seen her so I politely engaged in the conversation. Soon enough I realized it was the same girl, but without makeup. She wasn’t ugly by any means, just…. blah.   Continue reading “Makeup is Fakeup – Women are Guilty of False Advertising”

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In 2006 when Michael and I went to Cannes, France in 2006, we rented a very nice medium-sized Citroen van which took diesel and did 60 miles to the gallon. We were very surprised to find that this kind of car was so readily available, and would have loved to have taken it back with us. (We later learned, when you visit Europe, ask for a small car. We were given a “free upgrade” at the time, not realizing that the knowing ones all want small cars. Parking spaces are so small that you are much more likely to end up with a big scratch on the car, from other drivers, as we did. When traveling to Europe, always be sure to use one of those gold credit cards with the free auto insurance before you leave).   Continue reading “50 – 300 MPG Cars are Banned in the USA”

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I was horrified beyond measure to learn that the FDA is now, unbelievably, like something out of a Nazi horror movie, invading farms and telling the farmers that healthy, organic practices are now no longer allowed, under the authority of the falsely named “Food Safety Modernization Act”. Why are we paying feds who have never so much as sprouted a bean to harass farmers about what they should do? This is tyranny in the extreme, and if this is not stopped, the long term results will be catastrophic.   Continue reading “Federal Agents Destroying Farming – Plus: “Secrets of the Soil””

Several years ago I worked out how much my family was spending on groceries, and I was concerned then about the amount. Recently, I began to wonder where all our money was going. I had become concerned that almost everything that was in a packet seemed to be $5.00 or close to it. I took the plunge and confronted what I was spending every month on food and other items from the supermarket. When I did this, I nearly fainted.

You need to do this right now if you haven’t already done so. If you have been using a credit or debit card, that is easy as it’s on your statements.   Continue reading “Best Ways to Save Money on Food – Fight the Food Mafia!”

Paul Craig Roberts

The anonymous Obamacare expert, who provided us a year ago with the most complete account of Obamacare available, has returned with an explanation of estate recovery. Obamacare herds the poor into Medicaid which requires some enrollees to forfeit homes and other assets they might have to the state to cover the cost of their medical care. The research article below is meticulous and demonstrates that Obamacare was not enacted to serve the people.   Continue reading “Obamacare: The Final Payment–Raiding the Assets of Low-Income and Poor Americans”


A little-noticed, almost nonchalant, article in the Columbus Dispatch last week portends substantial environmental and economic mischief.

The article notes that Scotts Company is going forward with plans to commercialize GMO Kentucky bluegrass. Mentioned in passing was that this grass, engineered for resistance to the herbicide glyphosate (AKA Roundup), is not regulated by USDA, and that company employees will begin planting the grass at their homes.   Continue reading “GMO Grass Set for Lawns Across US – No Regulation Needed”