Moscow is helping Beijing build missile-attack warning system that only Russia & US have – Putin


A missile-attack warning system that Moscow is helping Beijing put together will drastically increase China’s defense capabilities, President Vladimir Putin said, noting that only Russia and the US currently have such technology.

“I don’t think I’ll open a huge secret here. It’ll become clear anyway. We’re now helping our Chinese partners to create a missile-attack warning system,” Putin told the high-profile guests of the 16th meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club at the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Thursday. 

The President reminded attendees that Russia and the US are the only two countries in the world currently armed with such systems.

It’s a very serious thing that will drastically increase the defensive capabilities of China.

The missile attack warning system combines ground-based radars and satellite arrays in Earth’s orbit, which detect the launch of ballistic missiles and calculate their trajectory. The data is then transmitted to a command center where a decision on how to repel the attack and respond to it can be made.

The Russian leader also said that containing China is “impossible by definition,” allegedly referring to Washington’s trade war against Beijing, American patrol missions in the South China Sea and other similar moves by the US.

Those making such “deconstructive and damaging” attempts will only be “harming and delivering damage to themselves,” Putin warned.

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