19 thoughts on “The Outlaws- Green Grass and High Tides

    1. It scares me that we almost lost you. Payers for healing and full recovery SOON.
      Hold Strong, Brother.
      I have a candle lit for you. <3

        1. Only Henry, Laura , and I were told. He’s very private. I want to be very clear. I got his permission to speak. I would NEVER betray my Friend’s trust.
          To put it short, about 4 days ago (now) he was leaving one of the places he uses to contact us and collapsed, saw “Bright White Light”, woke to people around him, taken to the hospital, shattered eye socket, stitches, and required a pace maker. He’s recovering at a friend’s home. God Bless that friend! He sounds remarkably Good. However, needless to say, he’s got a lot of mending to do and he’s got to keep his BP down (hard to do in the Trenches LOL). It was a very close call. Tonight, after speaking at length, I asked permission to discretely say something in the Trenches because I KNOW we ALL truly care. He told me he could use, and would appreciate, all the Prayers he can get. He certainly has prayers, healing thoughts, and blessings from me and I’m sure others will send him theirs. 🙂
          I see Green Grass and High Tides for him. 🙂

          1. Gee Angel, when I saw your comment saying that we almost lost him, of course I got concerned. Anyway, thanks for filling us in (with his permission). I am relieved to hear he came through it, but what an ordeal. And yes, still much healing to do. Glad you are there for him. Bless you, Angel.

            #1, if you can read this, sending prayers out for you tonight and will keep them going. Hope you know you are loved and respected. That was really quite a collapse you had and quite an injury. So glad you have a friend to stay with. You know, as horrible as that must have been to go through, it had a spiritual quality to it. Hard to explain. May God’s love be with you always, especially in this time of rest and healing. Your friends are pulling for you.


          2. Thanks Angel. When I hadn’t seen any posts from #1, I was concerned and rightly so.

            #1, I’m on the prayer train for you.

        2. No reply buttons on yours or Katie’s replies, but I thank you both very much for your kind thoughts and concern. As I said to Angel, Trenchers are the only real family I have now. I love you all dearly.

      1. Thank you, Angel. 🙂

        It has been the worst week of my life… thanks for being there to talk to.

        I have no family other than Trenchers these days.

        1. You are my brother in arms, #1, and I hope and pray for you. Don’t go anywhere. WE need all the soldiers WE can muster. My love is as strong as my hate and I know yours is too, so I’ll send all the good stuff your way. The rest of those deserving my hate are gonna have to learn to suck it up.

          1. Hey, Martist, thanks.

            Your comment was posted before I finished making mine, so it didn’t go to my email (since I had confirmed none of my comments yet), that’s how I missed it earlier.

            I definitely appreciate yours and everyone else’s prayers for my healing, as well… thank you all.

  1. Get well #1, be strong beother. Look out for that white light, man its coming for all of US!! Thank you Angel.

  2. Stay strong buddy, all you need to do is ask, I’m there brother. JESUS man glad your ok. The hospital is almost as bad as the fall, every half hour they’re bugging you. That shit drove me crazy man.

    I’ll be sending a care package brother.


    Angel, How do I get stuff to him?

      1. And many, many thanks for that, Mark It been something I’ve been stressing over for a couple months now, with the bad weather coming soon. I just can’t afford a quality pair anymore, but at least the good ones I brought up with me lasted 4 1/2 years.

        Really need good insulated raingear for the winters here… and I have all the rest.

  3. I thank you all very much for your concern. As Angel said, I am somewhat of a private person, but not in all things. I have posted much of my past in comments at times, but usually it’s mainly to make a point about certain subjects in an article.

    What I am less forthcoming about (and this is what she meant) is when it comes to talking about my personal problems on the site. That I avoid… I suppose because I feel that it’s unproductive and contrary to what I came to FTT to do in the first place… to expose the truth for any & all with the ears to hear. We all have problems, some less, some more.

    But my personal problems take a back seat to the seriously f’d up sh#t that we see every day on this site. I could no sooner stop telling the truth than I could stop breathing intentionally. Henry & I discussed this aspect… we’re both hardwired to tell the truth/expose the lies, even though it’s killing us. We couldn’t live with ourselves any other way.

    So thank you again for your kind words, and it’s time for some dinner now.
    I’m staying at a good friends’ who has wifi, so I can comment anytime now for a change. I’ll come back later, but as Angel said, I have to the watch the BP now. Bummer/. 🙁

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