5 thoughts on “Most People Don’t Realize It’s Happening (2020)

  1. After researching 5G and reading the book ‘The Invisible Rainbow’ I ditched the cell phone. I have a landline only…. no caller ID no answering machine. Ah, just like the good old days. People will bitch about being surveilled via their smart phone but they won’t get rid of it because they are addicted to it.

    1. Boy do i know what you mean , If i didnt use it so much to help me with work and business I’d ditch the dam thing right now, oh its going to happen one of these days , and i cant wait . I have no land line , and when i ditch the cell, I’m ditching it all
      Hell , I think Im the only guy out there that does not have a FarceBook or any social media acct.

      although i do have a tactic for when TSHTF.. ill be wrapping mine up in some bacon and feeding it to a coyote ..

      my blue dot will be following him and not me

      Si Vis Pacum Para Bellum

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