Mother of Potential Orlando Nightclub Shooting Victim Searches for Answers

Published on Jun 12, 2016 by ABC News

Christine Leinonen has been searching for information about her son since she found out about the shooting; she shares her story with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

9 thoughts on “Mother of Potential Orlando Nightclub Shooting Victim Searches for Answers

  1. She should probably be searching for her tan. It’s rare to find pasty ass white people in southern FL. Maybe she’s not from around here.

  2. They pulled the go fund me page and have edited the second search link in my first post. did you all see it before? I have screen shots if you want them.

  3. before the edit :
    Detroit MI

    go fund me :

    text :

    I’m Brenda Leinonen. My nephew Christopher H. Leinonen life was suddenly
    cut short on June 12, 2016 when him and his boyfriend were attending Pulse
    night club in Orlando Florida . as you all know based on news media they are
    considering this, the biggest massacre in the US . When Omar Matten went into
    the pulse night club and opened fire killing dozens and injuring others. A
    senseless crime that did not have to happen. After hours of not knowing
    anything and unanswered questions about the where abouts of my nephew my
    sister finally got answers. Not answers that we were hoping for at all , but those
    that were in the plans of God. My nephew has been confirmed as one of the
    victims killed in the mass shooting, his boyfriend made it out with multiple gun
    shot wounds but was taken to a area hospital. I have created this gofundme
    page on behalf of my sister in order to help raise money to pay for his burial
    expenses. Please keep my sister Christine in your prayers as well as the other
    victims families who have lost their lives. God bless u all and thank u so much
    for your continued love, support and prayers

  4. ALWAYS get these screen shots, folks….
    …and ANY other accompanying facts to go along with them.

    THIS is how we show that the thing happened, and that the story about the thing is what has changed.

    Thanks for posting this, AvgJoe…..good catch!!

  5. Christopher H
    Christopher D

    Whats the difference, right?
    Did you notice that in the screen shot of the go fund me page? The text gives him another middle initial.

    So this sister Brenda would be a spinster as well, if carrying on the family name.

    I don’t do facebook so someone else can pick up the mantle and search it.

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