Mothers Against Drunk Tractor Drivers.

This is what happens when you drink and drive a tractor. As you can see I replaced the other post.

This is my second…. TUI

Guess what I’ll be doing today.  



9 thoughts on “Mothers Against Drunk Tractor Drivers.

  1. I was stuck behind a tractor in Ohio for fifteen minutes as he crawled up the road at ten miles per hour. There was no getting around him without going into the ditch because the thing was one-and-a-half lanes wide, and the road was barely two.

    I was patient, because I figured he wouldn’t be there is it wasn’t necessary, and then the son-of-a-bitch turned into the bar’s parking lot.

    Who the hell blocks an entire road to drive a combine to the bar? I guess leaving it home and taking the car was out of the question for some unknown reason.

  2. This is completely unfair to the drunk tractor driver. That post obviously jumped right out in front of him.
    If I had a nickel for every time a post had jumped out in front of me….
    Or that one tree…
    Or my moms 1985 Geo…
    Or the side of that old cow shed….

  3. Don’t joke. Back in the 80’s, my brother used to live just down the road a few hundred yards from me and sometimes on Saturday when he got thru mowing his property, if he could see that I was home, he would just drive the Cub Cadet down to my house and we’d have a few beers in the garage while tinkering on whatever we could find to tinker on.
    One Saturday, the a$$hole Ellis County Sheriff that was on duty, saw him driving back home from my house and pulled him over and busted him for DWI! On a Cub Cadet riding mower, out in the country, a DWI.
    Fortunately, back then, some judges still has common sense and it got thrown but still…

    1. A guy a few miles away from me got a dui in his wheelchair. It was motorized so the pigs charged him. Heartless f’tards.

      1. I have heard of this, but I do not understand how the DA gets it through the courts. If you do not need a DL to operate the vehicle, like a wheel chair, hoveround , bicycle, horse, lawn tractor, farm equipment, DUI laws cannot apply so how can they prosecute you?

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