3 thoughts on “Multi-Tasking

  1. Typical yuppie. Shortly after convincing those idiots that is was fashionable and cool to work 70 hours per week,”multi-tasking” became the new catch-phrase because that induced them to do four things at once during those 70 hours per week of “success” that they achieved.

    In return they were given 30 year mortgages on over-priced real estate that was once considered a “slum”, but is now expensive because it’s “fashionable” to live there.

    My neighborhood in Brooklyn (Sunset Park) is a typical example. I could only afford to live there because all the other white people ran away in fear when the place became a slum, but then the real estate prices inexplicably shot upwards and the entire slum was sold to rich yuppies at ten times the original cost of living there.

    Only after paying off their over-priced student loans, and working 70 hours per week, were these “successful and brilliant” yuppies able to live in the same slum as an uneducated carpenter.

    It’s amazing what you can induce an idiot to do by making it “fashionable”, because herd animals can always be led around by simply steering the herd. Thanks for buying me my retirement home, yuppie. Now you’re stuck in a “fashionable” neighborhood that’s quickly becoming a slum once again.

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