Multiple Call-Ups for Syria

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My fiancé and I are getting married tomorrow (she is in the US Air Force). We were out getting some last minute items for the wedding. When we pulled up to our house, my fiancés boss and Staff Sgt were at our door to notify her that their unit is going on STANDBY on Monday Sept 23rd. When she asked her Sgt why, he said “because shit’s going down in Syria.”  

Those were his exact words not mine. He didn’t divulge any more details…probably because I was standing there. They were just here a half an hour ago. Today’s date is Friday, September 20th, 2013.

SECOND WITNESS– A Kansas farmer called 20 minutes ago to tell me that his father, injured in an accident, was in a coma. The family was called back for a bedside vigil. The tough old guy survived. One of the family members is a high ranking Air Force officer. He informed his family that he had been called back to West Virginia and that he was to report TOMORROW. His only statement was, ” something really big is about to happen, this is not good.” He gave NO further information.

SPECULATION: The underground command complex is there in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This officer was agitated.


7 thoughts on “Multiple Call-Ups for Syria

    1. Ditto SCV!!!

      Anything “Quayle”,.. is not likely to happen (… in fact,.. it never does!)

      I’ll believe it when I see it (hey,… didn’t soemone else say that also??)

      JD – US Marines – Quayle, Alex Jones, Pastor Lindsey, CNN, NBC, CNBC,… and so on,.. and so on….

  1. Agree with both commentators above but we have to remember… complacency is always our enemy and what Kissinger said especially, the illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a bit longer.

    We can only hope the grunts on the ground have the morals to do as the Minot air force men did, if you know a serving man or woman, remind them of the rules of engagement, the Nuremberg principles, the Geneva and Hague conventions and the UN and International Law on illegality and crimes against humanity and that the biggest thing the Geneva and Nuremberg identify is that it is every soldiers duty to refuse, to question, to demand in writing illegal or criminal orders and if such orders are of an illegal nature they should refuse to deploy and demand status as a conscientious objector.

    When I signed up, I signed up to defend my nation from the Soviets and other aggressors, I didn’t sign up for the dirty crap I ended up being involved with and my mind could not conciliate supporting private business and enterprise as defence of the realm, still having terrible nightmares from it 20 years on yet I would still defend this realm from an invader but I will never support us being the invader.

  2. I believe it is a heads up only, I would rather hear a hundred warnings that end up being nothing than to miss one that leads to disaster.

  3. So??..Troops get called up every time a mouse farts with this Administration. There’s always a boogie man hiding behind every tree with these azzclowns. Posting stuff from “Q” Alerts now? No wonder FTT is loading slow; thought at first NSA was jacking with the site to slow the server.

  4. This may very well be a complete fabrication, but several of these types of false alarms will allow people to let their guard down and ignore all warnings of a Syrian invasion and/or conflict.

    We’re going into Syria sooner or later, and you should expect that another false-flag operation is being orchestrated to make that possible.

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