Marlon Brown’s Family Releases GRAPHIC VIDEO Of Florida Officer Running Him Over

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The family of a Florida man run over by police has released the video of his death in an attempt to start an independent investigation.

Marlon Brown, 38, of DeLand, was killed when a patrol car ran him over on May 8. He was reportedly running from police after he was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, ABC News reports. In the video released this week, officer James Harris gets out of the patrol car and tells another responding officer, “I think he’s underneath the f–king car.”  

Last week, a grand jury found that there wasn’t enough evidence to criminally prosecute Harris. With the release of the video, Brown’s family hopes to bring Harris to court.

“My children, Marlon’s family — we’re very disappointed,” the victim’s ex-wife, Krystal Brown, told the New York Daily News on Wednesday. “We feel very betrayed by the criminal justice system.”

The clip, recorded on a dashboard camera in the patrol car, shows Brown running from the vehicle in thick brush. He appears to slip. Before he can get back up, Harris’ vehicle runs him down.


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Harris was fired from his job shortly after the incident, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Browns family believes that the evidence shown to the grand jury wasn’t accurate. An autopsy reportedly shown to them stated that Brown wasn’t struck, but died of injuries sustained from being run over after he fell down. The Brown family attorney now says that Harris was driving with “such velocity” that he could not have stopped before hitting the victim.

Brown had been arrested more than two dozen times over the past 20 years and served jail time for drug possession, according to ABC News.

DeLand police are conducting an internal review after the release of the video, CNN reports.

13 thoughts on “Marlon Brown’s Family Releases GRAPHIC VIDEO Of Florida Officer Running Him Over

  1. If nothing else at least fire the damn cop. He ran the man over and killed him. End of story. Family can then sue him civilly.

    1. Mark, they did fire him:

      “Harris was fired from his job shortly after the incident, the Sun Sentinel reports.”

      That lowlife murdering POS should be up on charges and in jail at the very least.

  2. If there was dew on the ground being it was night time it would make it very difficult for the officer to stop the car quick enough to keep this from happening, even on dry grass the distance is greater than on asphalt. I don’t believe the cop meant to do it, but should be charged with manslaughter at least, cops should be more cautious when it comes to civillians safety, it seems they disregard ours and the default is all ways in their favor.

    1. Ya think that might just be intentional maybe?

      It couldn’t possibly be because that “To Protect And To Serve” motto is meant NOT for the general population, but rather for the international corporate mafia and their interests, could it?

  3. What’s next? “Death Race 2000” for LEO? Bastards are killing people & not one speck of either responsibility or accountability is even in the picture. Where’s justice for the family? In Civil Court? What a f^cking joke. Now the ex-cop can run the streets, looking for a job, running people over in the process. He’ll probably get lawyered up, sue the City for wrongful termination or mental anguish disability & suck off the taxpayer teat for the rest of his life.

    1. Oh Hell yea BentSpear, they can fire this pig and this pig knows who all the theives, dope dealers, and other criminals are and he even knows who the cops are and the cops that are crooked like he is. Yea, this pig will just start selling stollen property and selling drugs, after all, if you are a cop you know who the cops are and who to stay away from don`t ya know. Hell this pig will make ten times the money selling drugs and stollen property than what he did being a f`n cop. Yea he is a scum f`er – yea once a cop always a cop damnit and I hope ya`ll know that.

      1. Yup….and how many of his “buddies” will give him free pass on all the sh!t he does do? Note the “internal review” action; more fraud by a already corrupt department. Face it; LEO is a lost cause & are becoming a criminal scourge on man.

  4. Looks like a lot of “protecting and serving” going on here, because this is typical of what “police work” has become lately.

    This one incident is hardly important. The real problem is that it happens every week all across the country.

    And it doesn’t matter that they fired the cop, because that’s just a public-relations gesture. Another police department will be happy to have him aboard with an incident like this to his credit.

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