22 thoughts on “Must See!! US Military Train w KCS TFM De Mexico Engine

          1. Been here for a week now, so it’s time.

            Hinted at it on some other articles, but no one said anything.

            Too subtle, maybe… 😉

  1. @ # 1 NWO Hatr . . . Nice! My sister lives in Grants Pass! Small world. You may see me up there one of these days. . . permanently!
    . . .

      1. I know what you mean #1. You just can beat that beautiful Rogue River! So glad you’ve finally found “home”.
        . . .

        1. I’ve fished the Rogue River when I was younger, Cathleen, but that was near Central Point, outside of Medford. Here, it’s the Willamette River that runs through town.

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