My letter to Tulsi Gabbard’s staff

If the DNC denies Tulsi Gabbard admission to the next debate, I would suggest she go on the floor with questions for her fellow Presidential candidates. Each of the following questions should be asked on separate days. The media can’t even handle one real idea very well on any given day. 

1) The US spends $600 billion a year on gross interest on the federal debt. Yet President Lincoln had a system of Greenbacks which if we had today would mean no public debt of $22 trillion and no interest payment of $600 billion a year. That is $12 billion a week. Ask them if they had ever thought about it. 3 million Americans starved to death in the Great Depression according to the demographer Borisov. If we had Lincoln’s system, we could have cured that 31% monetary contraction in 1933 within 90 days.

2) The Wigner Effect is named for its discoverer, Eugene Wigner, also known as the discomposition effect or Wigner’s release, is the dislocation of atoms in a solid caused by neutron radiation. Any solid can display the Wigner effect. It is the reason why nuclear power plants must be dismantled after 30 to 40 years. We have over 100 nuclear power plants that need to be dismantled under America’s next President. Tulsi is the one person qualified to do that. The rest seem to be oblivious. I would make that point outside Indian Point nuclear facility which is 36 miles north of Manhattan after contacting local campaigners against that site. If not Indian Point, I am sure you could find another suitable facility as a focal point.

3) I would re-visit Dr Mark Skidmore and the missing $21 trillion from DOD and HUD. I would open by playing a clip of Donal Rumsfeld on CBS Evening News 9-10-2001 admitting he could not trace $2.3 trillion in DOD spending. He promised to do better with taxpayer’s money in the future but you are the only one who is running for President who seems to care about that $21 trillion.

Important point: In an interview with Greg Hunter, Dr Skidmore mentioned that the US Treasury once sent the Army a check for $800 billion but they lost that money too. Get a hold of Dr Skidmore and have hem repeat this story along with his accusations and his refutations of media hatchet jobs. Do that in front of people who just lost their pensions or have some other boiling mad point of contention.

4) Mark Carney, the retiring Governor of the Bank of England, is a former Goldman Sachs man. He has called for the end of the dollar as a reserve currency.

Since 60% of our money is overseas, we could see foreigners dump dollars by the trillions. This would cut our wages and pensions in half. Ask every running for President what their plans are.

I made the above comments at her YouTube site on her latest video.


10 thoughts on “My letter to Tulsi Gabbard’s staff


  2. Reaffirmed her commitment to Israel’ genocide, that ‘’9/11 really was Islamic terrorists’’ (and not Israel, as everyone knows), AND wants more war. Same puppet of Israel, just a different face.

  3. Seems every few weeks we have to cover the farce of Tulsi here, along with the farce of voting. Just realized “farce” is only one letter away from “force.” Ha! Anyhow, the comments bring it, and I’ll just add that combat-vet Tulsi, who is so proud of having fought Israel’s wars, is also the very one who (drum-roll, please) nominated Bernie Sanders for president. Communism can have a very pretty face, albeit, deceitful and lethal.


  4. Tulsi Gabbard is a member of CFR. She has also been a guest speaker at Christians United For Israel. Do not be fooled by Tulsi she is another Kosher selected candidate. Tulsi Gabbard who appears like she opposes Israel and supports the vets, but she dodges questions about Israel

  5. Yup comments summed it all up pretty neatly.

    I’m pretty sure her kike masters won’t let her ask about the missing Rumsfeld dough either..!! She is another traitor POS and will have her day in our courts too…

    It will be some interesting entertainment to see if she was to cover any of this financial BS this article raised…oh and Lincoln, really?! Stupid fk…!

    Sounds like we got us a true believer….!!

  6. Beg a little more, why don’t you?

    You keep falling for the same shite over and over again if you think writing a letter will change a G’d thing.

    These wannabe slavemasters are well beyond that point and are hell bent on genocide and totalitarianism and THAT is your answer?

    Useless idiot.

  7. There was a time VidReb when you actually seemed to have some credibility. You were one of the first many years ago that warned about Zionism and the Talmud. But now? By basically saying CFR member, ZioShill Tulsi Gabbard is one of the good guys you have completely lost all credibility with me! Repent, VidReb, repent!

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