17 thoughts on “My New Pocket Hunting System

    1. I am a retailer for Pathfinder products[Self-Reliance Outfitters]. These are the ones sold by Dave Cantaberry. I sell for the same price he does except in my store and you don’t pay shipping. For trenchers I will offer FREE shipping in the lower 48 on orders over $50.

      1. Thats great Nottoobitter, when I get some extra Zollars, I know who to call. Thanks Great job Nottoobitter.

  1. Nice!! Nottobitter, do you have a website to check out the items you carry? Want to support Americans when possible.

    1. Unfortunately Katie, the person I trusted to get that done has flaked out. I will send in some info on what I carry.

  2. Glad you like it Henry. Good to hear #1 made it safe.

    By tying off the line to the bottom bar and then wrapping the line around the spool, you can use it for fishing. Aim about 4 inches lower than the optical image.= of the fish.
    By removing the spool[which holds a fishing tip or ball shot] it can be used to hunt small/small medium game. In many cases that are not too long one can use a strait stick. Flights are only important after about 10-15 yards.

    I have some arrow/string sliding adapters coming too. These make it easy to tie the line to the arrow and keeps it dressed during a shot.

    Thanks #1 for stopping in. I appreciate it.

  3. Yeah, I’ll be buying one of these myself. What a kick-ass little tool for the backpack. Just blew on wad on new crossbows for me and my boy, so sadly I have to give it a few weeks to save up. Sure wish I saw this first.

    BTW, the link in the top of the page goes to orangeelectronix. This sure doesn’t look like a store for outdoor gear. Is that the real link?

  4. You’re most welcome, Henry. I thought that if there was anything at all that you might not have in the way of survival items, this could be the one, since it was the first time I’ve seen it. As soon as Ntb showed me the fishing application, I HAD to have one. I can’t count the times I’ve fished and seen some beasties swimming by just offshore, but they wouldn’t bite on anything. With this, it doesn’t matter if they’re not hungry. If I can see ’em, I can nail ’em. Small game as well. Love it! 🙂

    Happy hunting (& fishing), Henry.

    1. First time I’ve seen one, also. When I saw it, I immediately wanted to get one for Hubby and I (one for each of us 😉 ). Got to save my pennies… 🙁 However, now we All know where to find it. Thank you for sharing this “find” with all of us, and Thank YOU Ntb for sharing your store with us. 🙂
      #1, IHMO, you couldn’t have chosen a more perfect survival item gift for Henry. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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