NASA Cuts Int’l Space Station Live Feed As Horseshoe UFO Appears Over Earth’s Horizon

The Daily Sheeple – by Piper McGowin

Come on, guys. What are they doing here? Obviously something showed up over the horizon of the planet just before NASA decided to cut the International Space Station’s live feed. What is this?

Better yet, what lame explanations are they going to make up to explain away what this is (like they always do)?  

UFO hunter Tyler Glockner from secureteam10 on YouTube said:

It’s definitely another interesting find and once again directly after it appears NASA cuts the feed.

That’s why you see the screen go blue. They’ve done this, they have been doing this, they have their hand on the ‘chicken switch’ as they call it.

I know they monitor these feeds but sometimes they’re not quick enough and UFOs appear.

We have documented that on this channel for years now. The only time when the feed tends to get cut is oddly when these UFOs appear.

This is almost as good as that time NASA showed us that fake footage of the dark side of the moon.

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4 thoughts on “NASA Cuts Int’l Space Station Live Feed As Horseshoe UFO Appears Over Earth’s Horizon

  1. The reason why NASA shut down the live feed was because they noticed that the UFO had on its side a chalk drawing of TRUMP2016 and did not want to upset any college kids with such terror.

  2. UFO’s huh? More likely rich a$$holes playing with toys. Until I meet an alien from another planet, I ain’t buyin’ it.

  3. isn’t the ISS actually the swimming pool trainer in Florida? so how’d the UFO get into the pool? more propaganda.

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