Navy halts short haircuts for new female recruits

The Hill – by Kristina Wong

The Navy is temporarily halting the practice of cutting female recruits’ hair short when they arrive at boot camp.

Some female sailors have complained that the short haircuts they receive do not prepare them for entering the service, when longer hairstyles are allowed. Now Navy recruits will be able to select any hairstyle that meets the service’s grooming regulations.  

“This shift will align the Navy with every other armed forces service, which do not require female accessions to cut their hair,” the Navy said.

The three-month pilot program comes after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered a review of the military’s hair regulations after some female soldiers charged the Army’s hair policies were discriminatory.

“We are constantly considering fleet feedback and policy changes to improve training and quality of life during initial accession and indoctrination into the Navy,” said Rear Adm. Rich Brown, the commander of Naval Service Training Command (NSTC).

Brown said the NSTC is also considering changes to the haircut rules for new male recruits, who are now required to have their heads closely shaved at the start of boot camp.


3 thoughts on “Navy halts short haircuts for new female recruits

  1. Next thing you will hear is that women will be allowed to grow their nails longer than ever before because they want the women to look like X-Men’s character, Lady Deathstrike. 😉

  2. I can just see it. Now that they can have longer hair, it will take extra time to get ready in the morning prior to chow, PT, drills, etc. and eventually they have to look pretty for war too.

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