NBC Chief Medical Correspondant Violates Quarantine

Nancy SStepping Stones Living – by STEPHANIEBND

Many will remember NBC’s chief medical correspondent, Nancy Snyderman for her public proclamation on the MSNBC Morning Meeting show in 2010.   When discussing the swine flu, she stated that Americans needed to stop questioning medical authorities and pay attention to them.  She fear mongers about how our immune systems are not ready for this new virus and tries to play on individuals fear of getting sick and losing your job because you have to take time off to care for a child.  She also travels down another road trying to combat the people who view this vaccine as just another way for big pharma to make money.  She ends the discussion with……  “There’s no conspiracy here folks,  just get your damn flu vaccine.”   

Fast forward to October 2014, when Nancy Snyderman travels to Africa to recover an NBC cameraman who has been infected with Ebola.  She, along with her crew agreed to a voluntary 21 day quarantine after her trip.  But that promise was short lived when her desire to visit the Peasant Grill got the best of her and she went with another man to pick up a take out order thus violating the quarantine.  She was seen waiting outside with her hair pulled back and wearing sunglasses.

The CDC assures us that there is no risk and no reason for decontamination of the restaurant because the individuals are asymptomatic.   Snyderman apologized to the public admitting that now that they had violated the voluntary quarantine they were now under mandatory quarantine.  Her apology was definitely not heartfelt and she admitted no wrongdoing.

This is beyond troubling.  A medical professional swears an oath to first do no harm.  Her arrogance could mean that she has exposed others to Ebola.  Case in point – the nurse who was “self monitoring” in Texas and is now infected.  How much do we really know about this virus?  It has not been on US soil before and there are few US medical professionals that have a clear course of action to protect themselves or knowing how to protect others.

We need to get control of this now.  Before too many more people are exposed and infected.  Unfortunately many of the natural health professionals like myself have been gagged by the FTC and FDA from sharing potential immune enhancing products.  I have seen others in the community report that research articles on PubMed.gov that offered natural solutions seem to be disappearing as well.

During these uncertain times, I pay close attention to the food that goes into my mouth and that of my families.  I concentrate on clean nutrient dense foods.  I try to ensure that my family and I are taking our vitamins to ensure proper levels of Vit D, Vit C, minerals and essential fatty acids.   Strive to keep your home and body clean of toxins.   This is our best defense – using our God given immune system fueled with his provisions in nature.


5 thoughts on “NBC Chief Medical Correspondant Violates Quarantine

    1. It is a hoax (aka: drill).

      We have yet to see John Carpenter-directed crisis actors rolling on the floor in the bread aisle of a supermarket, spurting fake blood out of all their orifices.

  1. Tell you what Nancy Snyderman, you can stick that poison in YOUR arm, and while you’re at it, stick one up one up your a** sideways for good measure!

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