Nearly $100 billion pilfered from pandemic relief funds, roughly 100 arrested, Secret Service

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Nearly $100 billion has been stolen from pandemic relief funds, according to the Secret Service.

The stolen money was diverted from the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program and a third program created to issue unemployment assistance funds, the agency said Tuesday, according to CNBC

Over $2.3 billion has so far been recovered, and roughly 100 suspects, from individuals to groups, have been arrested.

The government has released roughly $3.5 trillion in COVID-19 relief money since the pandemic started in early 2020.

The Secret Service, in announcing the arrest and dollar amounts, also said a new national pandemic fraud recovery coordinator has been appointed  to oversee agency investigations.

The new coordinator, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Roy Dotson, told CNBC: “I’ve been in law enforcement for over 29 years and worked some complex fraud investigations for 20 plus years, and I’ve never seen something at this scale.”

He also said the agency still has over 900 active investigations related to pandemic fraud.

Just the News

2 thoughts on “Nearly $100 billion pilfered from pandemic relief funds, roughly 100 arrested, Secret Service

  1. Funny, how billions (and trillions) can flow away, but with OUR money, they watch every penny like a hawk. God forbid you have a cent they don’t know about and/or track. Billions don’t get stolen from formal programs unless someone wants them to. Just like the billions stolen from us. Just my take. This looks like “Anything to keep the money from the people.”


  2. Every penny was pilfered from US to perpetuate this fraud. They just want us to focus on who they accuse of criminality so WE don’t focus on the real crooks.

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