Nebraska Man Asks Oil Commission Just One Question: ‘Would You Drink It?’

Huffington Post – by Ryan Grenoble

James Osborn has just one question: “Would you drink it?”

“It” being a mysterious brown sludge — allegedly fracking fluid — that Osborn brought in a foam cup to a public hearing in Sidney, Nebraska, in front of the state Oil and Gas Conservation Commission on Tuesday.

And no, it wasn’t a hypothetical question.

Osborn, the first of more than 50 people to speak out Tuesday on a proposed fracking wastewater storage well in the western part of the state, chatted amiably to the commissioners as he produced three plastic cups and poured a little bottled water into each. He then topped off each of the cups with a healthy portion of the mystery fluid, and offered them to the commissioners to drink.

“You told me this morning when I was in here… that you would drink this water,” Osborn can be heard saying in a video posted to YouTube. He then gestures to the cups and calmly asks, “So, would you drink it?”

A pregnant silence follows, broken only when one of the commissioners cautions, “Sir, we [can’t] comment on this.”

Osborn spoke for several more minutes, then thanked the commissioners and the audience for their time and left the room.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the three cups sat “untouched” for the remainder of the two-and-a-half-hour meeting.

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4 thoughts on “Nebraska Man Asks Oil Commission Just One Question: ‘Would You Drink It?’

    1. It’s a given that the satan masons appointed to Nebraska’s Oil & Gas Conservation Commission are only going to be taking their orders and instructions from higher degree satan masons; ergo, none of the hearing testimony will be entered into the corporate government’s permanent record, and the hearing is only to give the sheeple the impression that they are heard.

      People, how many times do evil and wrong have to be repeated before enough learn that WE have to STAND UP AND ENFORCE WHAT’S RIGHT?

  1. Good for him.Someone buy this dude a beer……-A German one…..The Reinheitsgebot will make 100% sure that its free of any “proprietary” hydraulic fracturing chemicals.

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