2 thoughts on “Nevada’s first Holocaust Memorial Plaza set for groundbreaking

  1. And they’ll have just as many systematically genocided victims there as they did in the other so-called “death camps”.

  2. Don’t they have enough memorial museums? When you oversaturate the market with something, it loses value and people lose interest quick. What a bunch of dumbasses. Especially when every museum is EXACTLY the same.

    Hell, even Six Flags Amusement Park has something different at each location. Plus, they are the only ones still obsessed with an event (albeit a fake one) that happened almost a century ago.


    You don’t see us Americans putting up a Pearl Harbor museum everywhere? Hell, we’re not even sore at the Japs anymore because you wanna know why, WE MOVED THE F$@K ON!!!!

    Get the picture, you Zionist pigs?!!!

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