New ‘Assault Weapons’ Bill Would Ban GLOCK 17 And Many Other Popular Pistols

Concealed Nation – by Johannes Paulsen, The Truth About Guns

The text of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s assault rifle ban bill is now available on her website and, contra Nick’s expectations, it isn’t simply a copy-and-paste re-run of the failed Clinton era assault rifle ban language. It’s worse. Much worse.

How bad is it? In the first four pages, it bans the popular GLOCK 17 9mm pistol, a gun that’s commonly used for shooting sports and personal self defense by hundreds of thousands of Americans.  

That’s right, one of the most reliable, commonly-used pistols in the US, from one of the most popular firearms manufacturers in the world is now on the chopping block.

But it’s not just the G17. The Beretta 92, the CZ75, and the HK VP70 would also be forbidden. Heck, even the Luger P08 would be out.

Why? Because among the many things the bill prohibits — from the “CZ Scorpion Pistol” [sic], which it somehow defines as an “AK” to the jihad it wages against barrel shrouds that keep people from injuring themselves — the senior Senator from California wants to ban any “semiautomatic versions of an automatic firearm.” (See page 4 of the bill.)

That means that if a manufacturer ever made a fully-automatic version of a semi-automatic pistol (i.e. the GLOCK 18, a select fire version of the G17), the semi-auto gun would be verboten. Feinstein’s bill, if passed, would classify these guns as a “semiautomatic assault weapons” and, therefore, outlaw them.

Let’s be clear here: this isn’t a serious bill. This isn’t intended to generate a conversation leading to an acceptable compromise. This is pure red meat for the anti-gun base, written by a legislative staff who view the Bill of Rights with utter contempt. And it laughs in the face of Supreme Court precedent concerning commonly-used firearms.

To the civilian disarmament advocates who read this blog (and you know who you are): if you ever wonder why we fight you on every single issue, in every forum, on every two-bit propaganda show…if you wonder why rifles like the AR-15 and AK-47 have proliferated in civilian hands to an amazing degree in the past ten years…if you want to know why we burst into raucous laughter every time one of your acolytes in the legacy media parrots the falsehood, “no one’s coming for your guns,” this is why.

The bad faith, ignorance, and contempt for the Bill of Rights enshrined in Senator Feinstein’s latest 123-page abomination of a bill is why.

Concealed Nation

8 thoughts on “New ‘Assault Weapons’ Bill Would Ban GLOCK 17 And Many Other Popular Pistols

  1. So patriots, are you going to hand over your weapons because they ask for them. Will you do so if they enact a law (s)? I say let them pass anything they want because after they do, it’s come and get them time. We’ll see who has the balls then, wont we?

  2. hells balls..again another attempt to disarm us so we can not protect ourselves from the garbage they let into this once republic..who the hell is they? yes come and take bastards..

  3. “The bad faith, ignorance, and contempt for the Bill of Rights enshrined in Senator Feinstein’s latest 123-page abomination of a bill is why.”

    The author is the true abomination here.

    jewb#tch SKANK!!!

  4. The g17 is nice because it can be converted to fire .380/9mm/357sig/40mm by changing slide and barrels. The only part that makes it a full auto to my understanding is the full auto slide which can’t be purchased without an ffl anyways.
    So what will happen is glock takes the same frame they already use and change the name and only offer it in semi-auto. Just like the people taking Mossberg shotgun receivers and make a “firearm” instead of a “shotgun” with it. Then add a short barrel, arm brace on a folding stock and a front vertical grip. Not a pistol. Not an sbr. Not a shotgun but fires 12gauge rounds.

    As for the millions of existing glock 17 frames… Come and get em.

  5. They’ll meet fire with fire……try us and pay the price of a war you can’t and won’t win. As the comedian Bernie Mac always said: “I an’t scared of you MFers”

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