New Gun Allows Cops To Capture Your DNA

Before It’s News – by Zen Gardner

A new tool that would allow law enforcement to prevent criminals from running away or disappearing into a crowd before arrest was highlighted last week at The SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

The High Velocity DNA Tagging system by the U.K.-based security company Selectamark was introduced with police officers in a riot situation in mind. Coming in both pistol and rifle form, the tool would allow police to remain 30 to 40 meters from the target and tag them with a SelectaDNA High Velocity pellet that contains a unique DNA code to ensure the correct person is apprehended later.  

DNA pellets used by law enforcement officers to tag individuals with a unique Selecta DNA code from a distance. (Photo: Selectamark Security Systems)

“On contact with the target the uniquely-coded SelectaDNA solution leaves a synthetic DNA trace mark that will enable the relevant authorities to confirm or eliminate that person from their involvement in a particular situation and could ultimately lead to arrest and prosecution,” Selectamark Managing Director Andrew Knights said in a statement.


Here’s a look gun at the SHOT show:

8 thoughts on “New Gun Allows Cops To Capture Your DNA

  1. Wow. Just another invention to help implement the mark of the beast. Can things get any more clearer.

    Everything they bring out these days has a bag and tag mark of the beast tracker on you. I suddenly feel like I’m an animal being tracked and hunted by the evil hunter. When will we ever make it stop?

    1. Yep NC, who comes up with this stuf like this. Man just who do they test this stuff out on and just how accurate can this thing actually be? I mean there is a such a thing as DNA contamination isn`t there – in other words – how do they know that the DNA is realy yours if they get a sample off ya, I mean if you shook hands or something with someone wouldn`t you have their DNA on you also? It seems to me that the more high tech things are the more room there is for false positives, ya know screw ups – just like drug tests, there are a lot of fale positives with the drug tests. Ya`ll know that I am sure that all the cops would be more than happy to give a DNA sample by useing this thing wouldn`t they. LOL 🙂

      1. They don’t know if the DNA is yours, only if it’s theirs. They shoot their DNA at you and hope to match it up later. But they have to catch you first. 😉

  2. This device absolutely does not obtain, capture, or sample anyone’s DNA from a distance. It hits you with a pellet full of some OTHER DNA so they can match it up later.

    And the other good news, very easy to make your own. Pellet gun, vitamin style gel capsules full of UV fluorescent unique compound mix “DNA” and you’re done. Start tagging THEM for a change!

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