New Hampshire Voters, Step up in Defiance of Tyranny

Well New Hampshire, you’re up.  There are a lot of patriots among you who want the restitution of our Republic under our Constitution, and be assured the international corporate mafia has already put the fraud in place to change the election results.  Do not be deterred.  If you come out in mass the fraud will have to be a large one and the chances of one of our people catching them with a smoking gun is all the better.

Once again the fraudulent opinion polls are being manipulated to show a large portion of voters undecided.  I do not believe it for a minute.  This number is being held back for the purpose of falsifying the results.

The neo-cons are front and center and have their arms locked in unity with the soviet socialists as both know that a failure to maintain the status quo will spell their demise.  There are people out there still brainwashed into the false left-right paradigm.

It is said that some watch FOX News exclusively and even turn FOX News off when someone like Judge Andrew Napolitano comes forth to tell the truth of the treasonous insurgents who have entrenched themselves in our highest seats of power.

I doubt any of these people will be reading this post as they do not want to know the truth.  But just in case one of you does read this, I will put forth the following assertions.  In face of overwhelming facts to the contrary, you seem to think everything is okay in the United States.  Tell me this.

Admittedly more than $30 trillion has been stolen from the wealth of we the people.  Is this okay with you?

Millions of our jobs have been outsourced leaving our working people destitute.  This is good?

Under the Patriot Act the government can come into our homes while we are away without warrant and take our property without ever informing us.  Is this okay?

Under the indefinite detention clause contained in the National Defense Authorization Act, the government can now take us away or even kill us without our relatives ever knowing what happened to us.  And you say this is all right with you?

We are now a people devoid of basic rights, no more than serfs upon the nobleman’s land.  Do you think anyone who is not of the elite is an exception to the aforementioned?

Do you think that this election is some kind of game like football?  Is it your only desire as a voter to be able to say, “I voted for the winner” even when you know that the game is fixed?  Is your claim to fame understanding corruption and basing your existence on allying yourself with the biggest traitor?

I tell each and every one of you, we the American people of the American race are sick and tired of living with your complicit stupidity and your treasonous tendencies.  Our Constitution has just suffered a major assault in having the people’s Bill of Rights removed from that document.  If you do not stand with us now, you have chosen your side of the fence.  And if you think a rigged election is going to save you from the wrath of those who outnumber you a thousand to one, you are sorely mistaken.

We will vote for Ron Paul right down the line and if our will is usurped through duplicity, we will re-conquer our country using our liberty teeth.

The motto of New Hampshire is “Live Free or Die.”  This assertion was put forth by one of your most famous Revolutionary War soldiers.  One would have to believe that this man, John Stark, believed in our Constitution heart and soul.  Let the patriots of New Hampshire stand as one and show that this spirit is still alive and well in 2012.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has come to New Hampshire in support of the neo-con, Constitution hating, Mitt Romney.  Why anyone would think this slob’s endorsement would mean anything to an American patriot is beyond me.  He is blatantly vain, over-bearing, and grossly gluttonous, showing a deep compulsion for excess.  How could a tub of lard like this be considered anything more than completely undisciplined and self-indulgent?

Now before you jump on the comments section to explain to me body metabolisms, I will concede the point.  Some people are biologically prone to obesity.  But I have to tell you there is one thing I have observed about every obese person I have ever known and that is they eat too much.

How about this, Chris Christie, why don’t you prove yourself a real man of the people and go on food stamps for a few months and lose a hundred pounds.

At any rate, any person who allows him or herself to be swayed by a self-interested politician’s endorsement is hopeless, as they have already surrendered that need for individual freedom and liberty that makes the patriot.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I deeply love my country, and I’m ready to die for my country.
    “The only country founded on a great idea”
    God Bless our Republic.
    Ron Paul!!! Ron Paul!!! Ron Paul!!!

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