New Orleans Police Officers Ambushed in French Quarter

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A passenger in a pedicab ambushed two New Orleans Police officers in the French Quarter on Friday, shooting one officer in the face and injuring another, the city’s police superintendent said.

The officers had no contact with the suspect before he opened fire on their vehicle while they were on patrol Friday afternoon, according to Superintendent Shaun Ferguson.

“They were just crossing through intersections going in different directions,” he said. “This is a dark day for our officers, so I ask that you keep our officers and their families in your prayers.”

One officer, who has been on the force for four years, was struck by a bullet in the left cheek, just below the eye. The bullet is lodged in his skull and he is in serious but stable condition.

“He was able to walk into the hospital holding his cheek,” Ferguson said.

The other officer, a 16-year-veteran, had minor abrasions to his arm from shards of glass.

The suspected gunman was taken into custody and, as he appeared to be “under some sort of medical condition,” he was taken to a hospital to be evaluated, Ferguson said.

He was not injured by police, Ferguson said. A gun was recovered at the scene and the suspect was wearing a holster, he said.

Ferguson thanked a citizen that helped treat the wounded officer.

“A retired Army veteran with medical experience was working in a nearby store and helped with the medical treatment of our officers until fellow officers arrived at the scene,” he said.

“We also want to commend the citizens who pointed out the individual as officers were responding to this call,” he added.

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