New York City and the Border

Border Hawk – by Allan Wall

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is upset.

The Big Apple is near the “breaking point.” It’s suffering a “humanitarian crisis.” 

“This is unsustainable,” says the mayor.

On October 7, Mayor Adams declared a state of emergency.

What’s the crisis?

Illegal aliens are being bussed to New York City by Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott and (though it’s not as publicized in the media) by the Democrat-led border city of El Paso.

As of October 7, Gov. Abbott had sent 3,000 illegals to New York City, while El Paso had sent 7,000.

What an outrage these poor illegals would be sent by Texans to poor, defenseless New York City.

The Big Apple’s mayor is angered that the compassion of New York City is being “exploited by others for political gain.”

However, recall that New York City has long been a “sanctuary city” that refuses to cooperate with immigration officials.

Likewise, New York state is a “sanctuary state.”

Furthermore, the quantity of persons bussed to New York City is a tiny fraction of those crossing the borders into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. But I guess those states don’t count. It’s all about Eric Adams.

There are also illegals being transported by the U.S. government to other parts of the country.

Sounds like the whole U.S.A., not just New York City, needs to have a “state of emergency” declared.

But Mayor Adams told the city of El Paso to “stop sending buses to New York,” and called Texas Governor Greg Abbott “untrustworthy.”

Clearly, Mayor Adams is being very hypocritical.

But he did say something right, though maybe not in the manner intended.

Adams said this situation “should be handled at the border.”

That’s true.

Although, actually, it is being handled at the border – Biden-style.

The administration is letting about half of all illegal border crossers into the country.

So why is it a problem if they go to New York City?

Adams complains about the effects on the city, but his solution is that they be dispersed across the country.

Isn’t that happening, anyway?

Mayor Adams is not making sense on this issue because he is not going to the root of the problem.

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, who represents New York District 11 (parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island), wrote an opinion piece for the New York Post entitled, “It’s time for Mayor Adams to get on board with border security.”

It was published on September 30, a week before Mayor Adams’ emergency declaration. But it’s relevant, because Mayor Adams still hasn’t done the right thing.

In her piece, Rep. Malliotakis begins by describing the disaster on the border – the dangers it poses to our law enforcement, the illegal aliens themselves, and the killer drug fentanyl flowing into the U.S.

“This crisis is unsustainable as it costs American taxpayers, who are already struggling with skyrocketing prices for food, gas and shelter, an estimated $20 billion per year. And in cities like ours, the mayor now wants to spend $15 million a month to house migrants in tent cities or cruise ships, placing more stress on the city’s budget and our wallets,” she writes.

Then she goes to the root of the problem: “It’s utterly incompetent because this crisis was manufactured by the Biden administration with its open border policy and revocation of smart solutions that brought order to our southern border under President Donald Trump.”

That is a good explanation: “This crisis was manufactured by the Biden administration.”

It’s not an accident. That’s the real problem.

The solution?

“Instead of further playing into Biden’s self-created disaster, Mayor Adams should join us in demanding our borders be secured, ‘Remain in Mexico’ be restored, more judges be added to quickly differentiate asylum seekers from those with illegitimate claims and give CBP the tools, technology and staffing to end the chaos.”

“The one group benefitting under Biden’s policies are the cartels that are raking in billions from drug and human trafficking schemes. Isn’t it about time that Biden and Adams put the American people before them?”

Thanks for speaking out, Congresswoman Malliotakis. If only Mayor Adams would listen.

Border Hawk

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  1. Adams doesn’t care. He’s just playing politics and putting on a show like all them political puppets. Same old song and dance.

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