New York: Legislators Propose Outrageous Ammunition Restriction Legislation

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Two New York legislators have announced that they are introducing legislation in 2016 that would severely limit ammunition purchases.

State Senator Roxanne Persaud (D-19) and Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon (D-52) want to pass a law that would limit ammo purchases to twice the capacity of the firearm during a 90-day period (3 months)!  

Undeterred by the failed SAFE Act, anti-gun lawmakers in Albany seem determined to pursue the same failed policies and will not stop until the Second Amendment is completely dismantled. The SAFE Act has done nothing to lower crime in New York and has turned law-abiding citizens into criminals. The SAFE Act had its own ammunition restrictions and required ammunition background checks which were suspended after Governor Cuomo embarrassingly realized that such a system was impractical. In addition, the last attempt to regulate how many rounds a person could load into a gun was overturned by a Federal District Court in New York and ruled unconstitutional.

Persaud and Simon are justifying this bill by pointing to terrorism, as if terrorists are going to voluntarily ration ammunition. There are so many problems with this legislation that it would be impossible to highlight them all herein. Again, for the sake of New York citizens, we would hope legislators start focusing on the serious issues facing the state and stop introducing these embarrassing ideas.

It’s readily evident that the two lawmakers know next to nothing about the subject of firearms and ammunition. Manufacturers don’t even package ammunition with such a random number of cartridges in many cases. This is one of the most absurd bills being introduced in the entire country.

However, because anti-gun legislators in New York have a history of defying logic, we will treat this legislation as another serious attempt to infringe on your constitutional right to self-defense.

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4 thoughts on “New York: Legislators Propose Outrageous Ammunition Restriction Legislation

  1. “It’s readily evident that the two law makers know next to nothing about firearms and ammunition”. I hate this, when are people going to realize they know EXACTLY what they’re doing? They know that ammunition is not packaged ten per box, being twice the amount (permitted) for NYC, and they know that just like the “failed SAFE act made many arms dealers stop or slow down business with NY this will do the same. And that’s the point, it’s a back door route to eradicate the availability of arms. It needs to be called out for what it is.

    1. It’s the “stupid card”, jamal. It’s more uncomfortable to admit they’re being bf’d than it is to call out open treason because then might be morally compelled to DO something or ANYTHING at all about it. Most americans don’t even take the time to put the shopping cart back in the cart corral because they’re fat, stupid and lazy, even when they’re right next to it.

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