Merry Christmas: H. R. 4269 – To regulate assault weapons

Tea Party Nation – by David DeGerolamo

H. R. 4269 – To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.

Read this legislation submitted in the US House of Representatives. This is what a Constitutional Convention will allow our “representatives” to do to ensure their power over their “subjects”. Do you think that the political elite want this legislation passed for the public’s safety?  

They know that the legislation will not reach a floor vote but:

  1. Look at the detail included in this bill. I doubt it was written by Rep. Cicilline but I would be interested in who did write it.
  2. The legislation was submitted on December 16, 2015 but the text of the bill was released on Christmas Day.
  3. One false flag attack would have the same impact as outlined in Matt Bracken’s Enemies Foreign and Domestic.
  4. The price of magazines and firearms will go up.

I believe that there is nothing that the political elite (domestic enemies) would not do for power. Including orchestrating an attack in the country. The stage is set.

David DeGerolamo

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas: H. R. 4269 – To regulate assault weapons

  1. To all who are fostering the dreams of a Constitutional Convention, I got news for ya.
    If they can disregard the current Constitution, why do ya think they would want to get it rewritten?
    Really, think about it…
    Once it’s dome, there is no turning back.

  2. I dont understand why most people worry so much about gun control bills. No Bill or law can disarm you, unless you let it.

    1. “Larry” agrees with you. Larry thinks “No Bill or law can disarm me!”. He often says no one will take his guns, let them try.

      Things change as the Gov disagrees, they do not want people to have guns. They change the laws.

      Larry still carries on how he will not give up his guns.

      One day the gov comes to “talk” [to disarm him]. While Larry is sitting home alone, or maybe with a like minded friend or two when the gov shows up to “talk”. The Gov knows how Larry thinks so they made sure to not show up alone. A large band of heavily armed armored clad Gov goons arrive to take his guns, they are not asking.
      What is Larry to do, give in, negotiate, fight – who knows.

      The Gov is taking his guns and not taking no for an answer.

      1. Exactly, preparation and constant combat readiness is essential. They are not infringing for no reason. A storm is brewing.

      2. Of course Larry should always seek to avoid getting taken by surprise and surrounded by superior numbers. But should he find himself in that predicament, surrendering to gun confiscation is still not an option; it’s tantamount to desertion in a military that’s fighting an invading army. IMO, the only men who might have an excuse for not resisting are those who have young children or others who are completely dependent on them.

        So, when the jackboots come for Larry’s guns, he should kill as many of them as possible before they kill him (or set his house on fire, forcing him to commit suicide). Even if he only gets one or two of them before he goes down, he will win a moral victory and make an eternal statement against tyranny by dying on his own terms.

        Larry should do his best to be prepared ahead of time for such a dire scenario, with appropriate weaponry, good ammo, discreet cover inside his house, NIOSH-approved gas mask, etc.

  3. Wow, if I read the decription correctly, this would render illegal virtually any weapon ( both long gun and pistol) manufactured after 1890. Am I reading it right?

    1. There are exemptions listed in the centerfire autoloading exemptions and I wonder how they achieved such status? Ruger, Marlin, HK and Winchester predominantly

  4. When I shop for ammo or to see a gunsmith to fix something on my AR 15 or other guns. Well I expect to do just that.
    So what is this article saying that I cannot do?

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