4 thoughts on “Flashback: News Anchor Completely Loses It For The Best Posible Reason Ever

  1. Yeah, he has a great line until he talks about the president turning into a dictator in suit and going around Congress. He would be right if he said we need to get rid of them all and start fresh. We need to get rid of the private federal reserve. We need to repeal about 95% of all federal laws. Then, he may have had my applause. However, voting for a dictator, he can fvck off like every other shill.

    1. BINGO! I thought I was the only one who caught that. Good ear, Joe. I was thinking that same thing. Why does he want to give the president the sole authority to do away with Congress and setup a fund for the people? Sounds like a NWO/UN banking takeover with one leader (the puppet president) to me. This guy is advocating the UN and a world bank as far as I’m concerned. And the fact that after all that the Obama has done, that he would even begin to think that the president will just stop everything and listen to the people or any president for that matter, is just a complete joke and is continually slapping himself in the face.

      Since this is on MSNBC, we can see that they are playing the Alex Jones game of adding just a little drop of salt in all that sweet sounding sugar talk that he is giving to the audience.

  2. BOOM msnbc 1year ago would never have aired this. and I agree ,informing the people yes, dictator NO. but hopefully a lot of sheep’s eye’s were opened if they watched this guy.

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